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    Oops, I failed at No Housework – we’re always doing laundry and dishes. 😉


    Apr 8:

    National All is Ours Day
    National Zoo Lovers Day
    National Empanada Day
    National Alcohol Screening Day


    April 10:

    Siblings Day

    Hug Your Dog Day

    Farm Animals Day


    I have three siblings. Better text them all today! No dog to hug and no farm animals to see, but maybe we can read about dogs and farm animals! 😉


    April 14:

    National Gardening Day
    National Reach as High as You Can Day
    National Pan American Day
    National Ex Spouse Day
    National Dolphin Day
    National Pecan Day
    Vaisakhi / Baisakhi / Vishu
    Tamil New Year
    Bengali New Year


    April 19:

    Bicycle Day

    National Hanging Out Day

    National Oklahoma City Bombing Commemoration Day (US)

    National Garlic Day

    National Amaretto Day

    National North Dakota Day (US)

    Sechseläuten (Switzerland) – Spring festival with a burning snowman who has firecrackers in his head and apparently forecasts the summer weather! Very interesting!


    [quote quote=238085]Sechseläuten (Switzerland) – Spring festival with a burning snowman who has firecrackers in his head and apparently forecasts the summer weather! Very interesting![/quote]I had never heard of such a thing!  I guess, that’s the one new thing I learned today.  🙂


    April 28:

    National Superhero Day

    National Blueberry Pie Day

    National Great Poetry Reading Day

    Workers’ Memorial Day

    National BraveHearts Day


    I think my favourite superhero is a tie between Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Though I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about superheroes unless there’s a new movie coming out or one I discovered I missed…


    Hubby and I really liked Black Panther.  We were also saddened to hear of Chadwick Boseman’s death.


    May 4th:

    National Weather Observers Day

    National Renewal Day

    National Orange Juice Day

    National Candied Orange Peel Day

    National Foster Care Day

    National Teacher Appreciation Day

    Coronation Day, Thailand

    Rhode Island Independence Day

    Youth Day, China

    Greenery Day, Japan

    Literary Day, Taiwan

    Matsu’s Birthday, Taiwan

    Saint Florian’s Day, Austria

    Independence Restoration Day, Latvia

    Remembrance Day, Netherlands

    Cassinga Day, Namibia

    Star Wars Day!!!


    I’m planning a themed school day for Star Wars Day. 😀


    May 14:

    National Decency Day
    National Dance Like a Chicken Day
    National Underground America Day
    National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
    Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu holiday)
    National Holiday, Paraguay
    Eid al-Fitr
    Hari Raya Puasa Day, Malaysia
    National Unification Day, Liberia
    Kamuzu Day, Malawi


    May 22:
    National Maritime Day, US
    National Craft Distillery Day
    National Solitaire Day
    National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
    National Vanilla Pudding Day
    International Day for Biological Diversity
    Harvey Milk Day, California
    Unity Day, Yemen
    Independence Day (day 2), Montenegro

    May 23:
    World Turtle Day
    National Lucky Penny Day
    National Taffy Day
    Labor Day / May Day, Jamaica
    International Day to End Obstetric Fistula
    Carpet Day, Turkmenistan
    Constitution Day, Germany
    Whitsunday, Latvia
    Dniester Day, Moldova
    Vlach’s National Day, North Macedonia
    Whit Sunday/Pentecost, Spain
    Cultural Workers and Folk Artists Day, Ukraine


    May 24:

    National Aviation Maintenance Technician Day
    Brother’s Day
    National Scavenger Hunt Day
    National Escargot Day
    National Wyoming Day
    Whit Monday
    Commonwealth Day, Belize
    Victoria Day, Canada
    National Patriots’ Day, Quebec (Canada)
    Labor Day / May Day, Jamaica
    The Battle of Pichincha, Ecuador
    Culture and Literacy Day, Bulgaria
    Saints Cyril and Methodius’ Day, North Macedonia
    Pentecost Monday, Switzerland (All Except NE)
    Independence Day, Eritrea

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 122 total)
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