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What annoyed you today?

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    I,ll tell you what annoyed me. I put my hand into my washbag in the bathroom, and slit the cuticle of my right index finger with my razor. It won,t stop bleeding and it hurts! Why did it have to be my index finger? grrrrrrrrrr. >:(
    What annoyed you today?


    Ouch! Those small cuts are the worse – they bleed for so long! What annoyed me today was leaving nice and early for work this morning but then getting stuck in traffic and so I ended up getting in late!!


    The postman coming whilst I was in the shower – I heard him knock, rushed around like a blue arsed fly to get to the door, by the time I get there its just the note telling me to rearrange delivery. Now I have water all over the floor, and have to wait until next week to get my parcel.


    ^^Oh that would annoy me.

    I waited in all day for a parcel I’m expecting, but the darn thing never turned up 8-/


    Ordering a set of new bras. I was so sure I,d got the right size. I tried them on and because of all the weight I,ve lost they are two sizes too big. Can,t send em back though coz I took the little tag out. Silly Souxi. >:(


    What annoyed me today? Having to get up and go to work, and knowing how long it is until the weekend comes around again!


    Tell you what annoyed me yesterday. I stuck my hand in the fridge and caught it on something sharp. I think it was a packet of cheese still in it,s plastic wrapper. They don,t half have sharp edges those packets: I sliced my ring finger, and I,ve got this huge red scratch on it now. grrrr >:(


    ^^You really need to stop putting your hand in places Souxi….. ;-P


    ^^You really need to stop putting your hand in places Souxi….. ;-P

    Hahahahaha. I,m a dozy mare arn,t I lol. 😆


    I tell you something else that annoyed me today: my sons teacher. For over a week she hasn,t signed his reading diary, yet if I didn,t sign it, she,d moan at me and I,d probably get a letter. grrrrrr. >:(


    lol @ souxi!

    What annoyed me today was trying to get a new mouse of of the plastic blister packaging. Does anyone else find it infuriating? It’s an absolute nightmare to open and really dangerous as it tears into really sharp pieces.


    I,ll tell you what annoyed me today. Ringing BT and getting put in a queue, and being told by some automated dalek to stay on the line because my call is very important to them!! Well if it,s so damn important, why don,t they answer the phone??!!! And then after hanging on the phone for 5 minutes I got cut off!!!!! grrrrrrrrrr. >:( >:(


    Hey Souxi just remember not to talk it out on us poor call centre workers when you finally do get through! We are doing the best we can, blame the company instead for not bringing in enough staff!


    I know peeko. I wouldnt shout at anyone on the phone. I was just so annoyed because I,d been kept in a queue for ages, then I got cut off. >:( And my call is important to them??!! Yeah right. 🙄


    This morning after a 3 week wait from USA arrived a package of 2 ‘snakebite’ lip piercing bars…(they hang down from 2 lower lip piercings like snake fangs :snake: ….not to everyones taste i know but we different in our house….lol %-P

    Anyway….the stupid packers have only sent the ONE!!!!….just exactly how many snakes do you see grinning at you with only the one fang????? :blank:

    Come on ebay….get ur act together!!!!!!!!!!!

    keep rockin’
    Saffi :kiss:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 304 total)
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