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What annoyed you today?

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    Yeah and i have to go somewher important this week and hopefully it will be the end of it and that text said “If you do then i will petrol bomb your house if you call the police”. But that bastard wont be pleased by this week coming in… His life is over


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    What upset me thoday is when i walk into my garden a cat poo….. unto my lawn leaving a stencth and to make thigns worse while walking my dog i step on a dog poo….yak ! tell me about it …hahaha …is there a way to prevent cat pooing on your lawn ..HELP !!! 🙂

    Ummm, my cats don’t do ‘it’ on the lawn lol and didn’t think any cats did for that matter – we live and learn 😆


    Thing that annoyed me most today?
    Making my partner’s sandwich filler for tomorrow.
    (allsorts of crap goes into it too)
    Get to the very last stage, putting pepper in.
    And half of the bottle of pepper ends up in the bowl.
    I was tempted to cry I was that annoyed with myself.


    Just when I begin to think my tutor’s not actually that bad, he turns into a right ass. Nob head.


    What slightly annoyed me today was buying a hair colour to lighten my hair and it’s gone darker! At least it’s covered the grey bits and the colour’s not that bad. 20 washes and it’s gone. 😆


    Oi thats a bummer Iris lol.

    Well I wasn’t annoyed per say, but Franco managed to tweak me somewhat when he called to say “hi” at 5am this morning… and I so wanted to have a sleep in!


    Feeling bit guilty cause I yet again had to complain to my landlord about a faulty a/c in the house I rent.  Guilty cause he’s busy and its the weekend (here in the Arabian Gulf).  I am annoyed cause I shouldn’t feel guilty, and just wish he would get problem fixed properly, instead of trying to save money.  Meantime, I am sweating in 100 degrees F.  😓


    My neighbor that i was going to share pizza with that wanted me to go get them something from the store. Screw that walk witb me im giving you pizza!!


    After a short visit to a party where I basically knew no-one except the host (I am very shy and don’t relax easily in groups of strangers), I then went to a friends who criticised me for the way I was dressed!

    I feel vey unsettled this morning.


    Went out with friends and one was dissing someone who wasn’t there. I hate that…


    the lunch tastes so mad, I feel so disappointed, sad😑


    It’s a small thing, but my husband left his phone charger plugged in all day again (with no phone attached). It probably only wastes a negligible amount of electricity, but it gets on my nerves. After five years of my being annoyed by it, he still does it, and he doesn’t even believe me that he does it all the time.

    Anyway, am I a terrible person for starting a folder of documentation?


    I’m glad I’m not the only one with this beef wockerjabi. It drives me mad too and it’s not only the phone charger but the one for the rechargeable batteries.


    Well after getting up this morning and finding that a light had been left on all nignt!

    I am against getting a Smart Meter as I would likely watch it more than the TV 😄



    My kitten pied on my Kentia palm and I’m afraid she won’t make it – the plant of course.

Viewing 15 posts - 271 through 285 (of 304 total)
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