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What annoyed you today?

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    I,ll tell you what annoyed me yesterday. Finding out how much my OH,s car is going to cost. It needed a new starter motor. There is always something wrong with that car!! grrrrrrrrr. >:(


    The latest thing to annoy me was the phone ringing at 4am a couple of days ago. I raced out of bed to answer it. Well when it rings at that time of the morning you tend to think the worst don,t you? It only rang once then stopped, and I still don,t know who it was. grrrrrrrrrr. >:(


    What annoyed me today was, my tabby cat waking me up at 2.30 am. I then laid there thinking about allsorts of things. My brain was whirring around and it took me ages to get back to sleep again. I feel like a zombie now. grrrrrrrrr >:(


    Well I got up bleary eyed at the usual time and first thing I did was walk into a bit of cat poo…..

    One of me cats has had one of his hind legs removed and he sometimes has a tiny bit of poo escape b4 he gets to the litter tray…

    Its not normally a problem but with me being post op im gingerly mooching along….cant do any Matrix style moves or owt…and I dont have me contact lenses in so im blind as a bat….

    I hollers for help..hopping on one foot with the offending poo stuck to the other….

    No kids…and OH got all his bike leathers on, waterproofs the lot..looks like the Mitchelin Man..keys in hand just walkin out the door…

    Suffice to say by the time he had sorted it, mopped the floor… and me…he had a right sweat on and left in a rush late 4 work…

    As the men (or at least i recall they were men) from Erasure said…”Things can only get better…”….lol…

    Hmmmm we will see…watch this space…lol


    Ew well you certainly put my complaint into perspective saffi! I got double stickered today and it drives me mad. You know when you get an apple take off the sticker and start eating. After a few bites you notice something odd in your mouth – another bloody sticker! Why do they feel the need to put more than one sticker on an apple? Nobody looks for two, you find one, peel it off and youre done. Getting double stickered drives me mad.


    Lol blonde….

    Well thats a new un on me chick…never had that happen 2 me…..

    But then im so dippy that I probably wouldnt have noticed a single sticker on it never mind two…lol

    Read my post in odd or strange things you have eaten and you will see why….lol…(think it was called that…but im sure it was definately on this site somewhere…see..im already proving my point without you even looking for the damn post…lol)

    Will never look at an apple in the same way again…. :red:


    What annoyed me today was the pipe from my washing machine coming undone, and squirting water all over my kitchen floor. I,ve got a twin tub, and the pipe is hooked over the kitchen sink. I hadn,t secrued it properly, hence the reason it leaked everywhere. grrrrrrr. >:(


    I,ll tell you something else that anoyed me today, my OH. For work he either takes rolls or sandwiches. This time he wanted hardboiled eggs in them. So I did all that and made them up for the morning. On occassion I,ve put tomato in them and he,s said that he doesn,t want tomato in them because it falls out of the roll and gets everywhere. So I didn,t put tomato in them. So what does he say today? “Did you put tomato in them”? He,ll make his mind up one of these days. grrrrrrrrr >:(


    What annoyed me today was the mini Hitler wandering around the school car park with a clipboard trying to look big and important. He told me off for going out anti clockwise. Flamin cheek. I wasn,t in anyones way for Gods sake. I glared at him as I drove out, and muttered rude things.

    If he starts on me again I shall ask him if he was in the Gestapo in his past life. grrrrr. >:(


    What annoyed me today was getting up at what I thought was 6.30 am, which is when I usually get up, and finding out it was only 5.45 am. grrrrrrrrr. >:(


    What annoyed me today was I placed an order for a dvd with a code from Nestle for play.com and I forgot to apply voucher,then confirmed order which I had to cancel as I wasnt paying £4.99 so had to phone play.com to see what they could do but had to e-mail them instead,just hope they can help me next week,Managed to get one dvd for £1 though with one of the codes,so cant complain.Also earlier today said Hello to someone I knew and they didnt answer me and walked off after looking at me like dirt with their face.



    My OH’s car. It needed yet something else doing to it, and now the money I was going to spend on my daughters birthday present, has got to be spent on that poxy heap of junk. I,m so angry. grrrrrrrrrrr. >:( >:( >:(


    Being bombarded with adverts for Xmas……and for loans/credit/bankcruptcy assistance…..

    The country’s economy is on a downward spiral yet greedy companies just want to get rich…

    It stinks….


    That annoys me too Saffi, there’s no quick route out of debt yet these people are still trying to flog alledged quick fixes to people who don’t know any better!

    My moan today was that I have a sore throat and am losing my voice! :sick:


    What annoyed me today was that stupid self service checkout in the tesco express. It kept telling me to move the item I just scanned into the bag. It was in the bag! So I took it out and put it back in. What did the machine tell me to do? Put it in the bag! Grrrrr so I had to wait for someone to come help me. By the time it was all done I could have gone through the normal checkout about ten times.

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