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What Are You Listening To?

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    “The Chain”- Fleetwood Mac


    QUEEN/Freddie Mercury



    “Thank You”- Led Zeppelin


    “Rainbow” by Mariah Carey.

    The woman is a genius.


    Anything by Madonna. Although it is adult material, I love her “Erotica” album. I only listen to it on audio, though! The music is top class, next to her “Ray of Light” album. I won’t even mention the book [it was pretty radical and brave for a woman of the early 90’s]. Anyhow, the MUSIC is utterly a work of art.


    Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. It was on the radio yesterday and now I cannot get it out of my head lol.


    I am listening to some Broadway Music. At the moment The Sound Of Music.


    One of my favourite films!


    The album “Impossible Princess” by Kylie Minogue


    “What It’s Like” by Everlast


    Album “Judgement Days” by Ms Dynamite. I also love her album “A Little Deeper”. A true star.


    I have been listening to “Back To Basics” by Christina Aguilera.


    Mariah Carey’s “Rainbow” album.


    QUEEN/Freddie Mercury foreverrrr!



    Welcome To Bastards Bay- The Bollox

Viewing 15 posts - 526 through 540 (of 597 total)
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