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    now it’s ” I will survive”


    I’m not religious but at the moment I’m enjoying some Gregorian chanting and lots of natural sounds set tovery gentle and relaxing music.


    listening to emilie autumn and checking on here before I cook dinner


    My new turntable came yesterday! 😁 I had recently found a BJ Thomas LP, so I played Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head as the first song with the new machine. We tested the included radio and The Police were on ☺️ then I grabbed one of the few remaining cassette tapes since the turntable also has a slot in the side for tapes! One of my pen pals from France had made me a tape years ago with pop and rap, so we heard G Squad. (Must take the info he sent with the tape and go on YouTube to find as many groups as possible. Still love French songs, from Canada or around the world.)

    In the car, I’ve been playing the Love Riot CD from Newsboys.

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    That’s cool, rebeccajpand! I love, love, LOVE music: and always will. I am forever listening to CDs and watching YouTube. I do also remember cassette tapes: I loved them. I recorded records from my dad’s record collection onto tapes. The album I recall copying is a Patsy Cline song collection. I also recorded CDs onto tapes. Such as Annie Lennox with her album “Diva”. I did two tapes: one for me and one for my best friend at the time. I recorded Madonna’s “Erotica” album, too. It was actually a really good recording I did. In recent years I have used iTunes to record songs onto blank CDs. These turned out well. I have around 5 or 6 of them. I still listen to them to this day. I am a HUGE music fan: I cannot get enough.

    Enjoy your new turntable and tape player, rebeccajpand! Mix tapes were the business, weren’t they? Another good friend of mine gave me a mix tape of Queen songs years ago. I had been a huge Queen fan back in the day. Nowadays I prefer U2. But Queen hold such happy memories for me. Real nostalgia.

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    I like a lot of Queen songs and some U2 as well. I used to make my own CDs for a while, but now we just listen to a full CD all the way through if it’s not a YouTube mix.

    It’s funny how a word or phrase can bring a song to mind. That’s usually how I end up sharing music with the kids that they’ve never heard. It tends to be 80’s or 90’s, but sometimes older than that.

    I have not put any music on today (gasp!) but I’m looking forward to the arrival of a Bond CD and one from Chelsea Amber. Lately, if I hear a great song on the Stingray music channel we like from the TV provider, I might look for their CD on Amazon and put it on my wishlist. 🙂


    I used to make my own CD’s too when I was travelling a lot and had a CD player in the car. I compiled them from specificsingers / groups or music types.


    Girls Aloud’s “Sound Of The Underground” from 2003. A classic pop album that will never age.

    I LOVED Girls Aloud: and still do.

Viewing 8 posts - 556 through 563 (of 563 total)

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