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What are You Looking Forward to This Summer?

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    Summer is going to be approaching us sooner than we think!

    What is everyone looking forward to this summer?

    Personally, I am excited (as corny as it may sound) to work often and use my time to save up money, as I am a college student so doing that during the school year is harder for me.

    I am also looking forward to traveling to the British Virgin Islands which I have never been before, and to get out in the sun and enjoy the weather!


    That holiday sounds lovely Rochelle. I have not been there, and would love to.

    I do look forward to spending time out in the countryside, and at the beach. It’s nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, if only for a few hours.


    I am looking forward to the weather and getting to wear beautiful summer shoes. I am expanding my shoe collection and am being much more adventurous about my footwear. Shoes are my passion these days.

    I am also looking forward to going on trips around England. This’ll be Oxford, Birmingham, London, the Cotswolds and other places. I really want to enjoy my life and see the world.

    I love summertime. Plus, I no longer get hayfever. Hurrah!


    I love gardening so I will certainly be out in my backyard getting into that. I also will plan some sort of vacation as this will be my first Summer as a retired woman.


    We have decided no holiday this year.. It causes a lot of stress and so why bother.


    Instead we are going to make the most of our garden, eat al fresco as often as possible, go on lots more picnics with Murphy (our dog) and just enjoy ourselves.. We are going to enjoy summer sunrises and sunsets, the nature, the outdoor life and each other.


    I agree, cassandra: holidays just cause stress and anxiety. There is catching the coach, going through passport control, customs, getting on the airplane, sitting on the airplane for 4 hours and feeling like a sardine. I’ve done it for years and years and yet I still never like it. I like being in the air, but the stress and hassle of it all gets to you.

    I go to Ireland every year, but if there was a way to make travel easier and less stressful, I’d take it.


    Ireland is a lovely place. I went once on a day bus trip via Anglesey to Dublin and into the countryside around. Quite often Wales, particularly the North, used to be somewhere we went to when the children were small. Not too far to go by car and interestingly different. We booked the Irish trip when there.


    @SpinningJen  .. Wales is lovely although every time I went there it poured with rain.

    Ireland .. My family come from Ireland and My father always said ‘when the troubles are over I will take you there’ sadly he died before the Good Friday agreement and peace. But my son and his family now live in Co Meath not far from Dublin and Ive visited. I have to say the first time I stepped off the plane I just felt like I was coming home..

    I feel very happy and relaxed in Ireland but its too late for me to move there now so I just have to make do with visits now and then. At least that way I only have good memories and feelings and none of the day to day stresses..


    Ireland is incredibly beautiful. My dad and I go driving around Co Mayo and Galway: plus other places. We often stay with my aunt there. She has a lovely bungalow and a hoard of wild cats, which she feeds every day with cat food, dry cat food, bread and milk: they love it. They are not allowed in the bungalow, though. Anyhow, we once went driving through the mountains: absolutely gorgeous scenery. We also visit all our relatives. One of my aunts is actually a millionaire: she owned a chain of shops in Ballinrobe. She had 11 children and they’re [of course] all grown up with children of their own.

    Back to the point: I fell in love with Ireland ever since my first visit there. Having a car is very important: no one can enjoy Ireland without one. I would definitely advise anyone see Ireland and would also advise hiring a car. Because there is more to Ireland than Dublin: the whole of the country has its charms. It does help my father is Irish, so we have family there. But even if you’re not Irish yourself, anyone would certainly enjoy visiting for a good two weeks.

    That’s my plug!


    It is easier to vist and get to know somewhere new if you have family or friends there first which is how we ended up in NL.

    We are now lucky enough to live in an area described by lonley planet as ‘a hidden pearl’ and third in their top 10 places to visit in Europe.

    It seems silly to be rushing off elsewhere for a holiday when there is still so much to see right here.



    You’re absolutely right, cassandra: you don’t need to see other places when you’ve got everything where you are already.


    I think that in these days  of travelling by car to get anywhere most people maybe never see much of what is around them. Many go to the gym to get fit when they could be getting out and seeing things, keeping fit at the same time. Much of our countryside is beautiful, and even some parts of most towns and cities are worth looking more closely at (speaking as a county girl lol).


    Wearing my beautiful summer shoes!


    Writing of shoes: my dad put up a wall hanging shoe rack in my hall cupboard. I now have proper access to ALL my shoes. This means I can quickly reach for all my stylish shoes that summer means being able to wear. I absolutely love footwear. Being a woman is wonderful in that sense.

    Shoes are my passion. Along with lipstick.


    That sounds a good idea Kitty. My hallway is much too small though. At least I have easy access to my lipstick 😀

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