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What are you reading?

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    I finished Babe today, for the first time! It was a book to read with the youngest, and he asked for Charlotte’s Web to be right after. ๐Ÿ˜€ That one I know and love already!


    I like the film ‘Babe’ too!


    I finished reading “The Great Gatsby” last night. I have read it once or twice now and it just gets better!

    We see Gatsby through the eyes of Nick – the narrator – rather than from the perspective of Gatsby. This makes the perception of Gatsby biased. We don’t hear directly what criminal activities he gets up to, but we get a lot hints.

    It is a fairly short story and easy to understand. I like the narrator – and main character – Nick. He gives a subjective view of Gatsby. He isn’t emotionally entangled with Gatsby. Nick sees him through an observer’s eye. We know Gatsby is bad but Nick doesn’t let himself be swayed into criminal activity. Nick is no fool in this story.

    That is my perspective of The Great Gatsby. Again, a brilliant, brilliant book.


    I finished reading Agatha Christie’s “The Seven Dials Mystery”. Agatha had me surprised with the way the story progressed and with the ending. I could NOT have predicted the story at all and the way the story ended.

    Agatha Christie had been a genius. 10/10 with this book.


    I’ve ordered the second collection of Mandie books by Lois Gladys Leppard. The oldest boy is reading the first collection now, so he’ll catch up to me and be ready for Book 6 in the series. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Last night, I finished the 4th book of the New Hope Falls series by Kimberly Rae Jordan. Pretty good! I’m glad they’re on Kindle Unlimited, and I won’t catch up to the new release for a bit – it’s nice to have a series to go through without waiting between books!


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    I am trying to get through a book, but keep being interrupted. I either have to talk to someone on the phone/prepare food/do chores… the list goes on.

    I’d love to finish reading my book this afternoon, though: I’ll simply have to put other activities on hold. It is frustrating – sometimes – to not have time to myself. And the phone doesn’t seem to stop ringing in the evening. Ironically, this is when I am just sitting down to read a book. Do people have a *Ijustwanttositdownandreadabook* radar when they think of me?!! I do love being popular, but still want time to myself. I think this is true of everyone, though.

    I’d never give up my friends, however.


    I would leave the phone quiet for an evening. Text back if you need to and say you’re in the middle of a gripping book, but give yourself the time you need. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thank you, Rebecca. I will try to take your advice. Because of my phone format, I would have to digitally block it. I can’t just take it off the hook. I haven’t done this because I am scared of making an error and blocking the phone altogether. I do miss the old phones, when you could just take it off the hook. It IS something I will do, Rebecca: your advice makes sense [as always expected].

    And congratulations to me: I managed to finish said-book! It took a good few hours this afternoon, but I did it. The book was read slowly, however. Now: I do know how to speed-read, but no longer do so. It – basically – ruins the story and the enjoyment of the book. It takes longer, but is understood better and enjoyed far more!

    I continually read library books: it is an addiction and a way of life for me.


    I think I would just turn off the sound on the phone. That’s usually how my phone is, unless I’m expecting a call for a scheduled appointment. I love having voicemail and call display to screen calls! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I tried another chapter or two of The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner. It was a Christmas gift from my younger sister, and I’m just not hooked. Sigh. I may have to give up one of these days, but overall I’m all for Jane Austen inspired books!


    You need an answerphone with which you can hear an incoming message and intercept the call if it is important.

    Yesterday I finished the ‘Rebus’ book I was readingย  (‘Standing in Another Man’s Grave’). I had put it aside as I started other books so it has taken a while. I often have more than one book on the go at once. That way I have different books for different moods.


    We’re getting closer to the end of the 5th Mother-Daughter Book Club novel, then I’ll give Alex a break from the “girly” book, so we can read Charlotte’s Web and The Horse and His Boy as his evening options. We also recently read Shifty Business from the Adventures of Jo Schmo series by Greg Trine.

    With the older boys, we’re almost finished a Star Trek Titan book. Meanwhile, I’m reading a series by Kimberly Rae Jordan that’s set in Winnipeg! And a new Valerie Comer comes out soon, so I’ll switch to that whenever I can!


    I finished reading a Mills & Boon medical romance this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! It is easy literature to read and a lot of fun. In fact, my aunt from Ireland loves Mills & Boon herself. And I can very much understand why.

    Anyhow, I am continuing to read library books: I always will.


    My library since last March or so has been the subscription library of Kindle Unlimited. I find myself not browsing often for print books at the public library, but enjoying the large selection of books in the Kindle Unlimited collection. I can often read a whole series that way if the author has put them online.

    I do love my public library still, especially for kids’ books. My boys enjoy all the graphic novels and then we look for regular novels and non-fiction books too. I suppose that library keeps more of what they enjoy reading and not as many of the adult books I like (since I must admit I enjoy children’s lit a bunch as well, and not just because I have kids!).


    I am reading “Del Boy He Who Dares” at the moment. Perhaps the (un)real story of the “Only Fools and Horses” TV comedy. Del’s autobiography.

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