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What are you reading?

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    I started Hunt, Gather, Parent recently. I’ll try to make it my daytime read when I have a few minutes here and there – parenting books don’t grip the same way fiction does, so it can usually be easy to read in snippets. 😉

    With the youngest, I’m reading books from a series called Science Squad. We learned a lot about pigeons in Pigeon Problems, and now we’re reading Monarch Mystery. We also grabbed two more books from the series (maybe the only two?) and those ones are about sea turtles and bees. Very cool way to learn!


    I just finished an excellent book recently. I thinky that even adults could enjoy it, especially if you have any interest in whales, the Deaf community, or radios. That’s an odd combo, eh? But Lynne Kelly makes it work in Song for a Whale. I loved it! 😀


    I’m reading Pegasus by Danielle Steel. I love to read. My favorite authors are Danielle Steel and Debbie Macomber. I’ve also read books by Nora Roberts and Sherryl Woods.


    Yesterday I finally finished reading Peagasus. I picked out another book, Spy by Danielle Steel but haven’t started it yet.


    I’m almost halfway through Talk Nerdy to Me (Bookish Boyfriends #3) but I may have lost the momentum for reading the whole thing. We’ll see.

    I’m closing in on the ending of The Strength of Their Love by Kimberly Rae Jordan. It’s the last book in one of her series, and I wonder what to read next! I’ve enjoyed all of the ones the author has set in Winnipeg, where she lives. She also has a newer series set in the fictional Pacific Northwest town of New Hope Falls. Those books were my first experience with her writing. 🙂


    I hate it when I start to read a book and lose the momentum. I like to finish things I start but know when I read that I am losing interest. Sometimes good authors work’s do change. I love the Ian Rankin Rebus books but can never really get into any of his other works however good they may be (and I am sure they are). It must just be being able to get into the atmosphere and knowing the principal characters like old friends.


    I found an earlier series by Kimberly Rae Jordan, so I’m still reading her books! I’m on Book 2 of the McKinley novels.

    We found a few free books from Suzanne Selfors about imaginary creatures, so I’m reading The Rain Dragon Rescue with the youngest. And the older boys are getting the Star Trek movie novel (2009 movie) but cleaned up as I go!


    Today, we’ll finish up Fear Itself by James Swallow (in the Star Trek: Discovery series). It’s been a good one!

    With the youngest boy, I’m also reading the first Pumpkin Falls Mystery by Heather Vogel Frederick, and the 5th Imaginary Creatures book by Suzanne Selfors.

    For myself, there’s a novella in a collection of modern romance stories. So far I’ve read the ones by Elizabeth Maddrey and Valerie Comer. The current one is Carol Moncado, and it makes me want to re-read her stories about royals in a fictional European region. Good stories, and I have to admit that royalty makes for interesting reading to me!


    I think I have a Star Wars in my pile of books to read. The pile seems to have got out of control in this pandemic. I do have a good vaiation though as I have at least one detective story and a teen romance.


    My books to read is always out of control. 😉 I’m usually checking the library discards, and we have several little libraries where people can pass on books. I do that with ones I’m done with or realise I haven’t looked at in 6 months to a year and never will… (Sometimes you pick up a book and then the opportune time to read it passes you by!)

    I don’t mean to be just a collector, though. I’ve even order a book light so I’ll do more than just lazily grab the Kindle at night (with its backlight) – that’s part of what contributes to my excess of print books, just not taking enough time with them…

    We’re reading Star Trek Into Darkness (novelisation) together while waiting for The Enterprise War in the Star Trek: Discovery series. The youngest got to hear some of it today because I’m using some of our extra time in the day to read aloud. Helps keep arguments at bay since we’re not as occupied with school subjects! 😉


    I have a little pile of books I never get round to reading too. Some of them are authors who I wanted to try but, when I am clearing out, I read a paragraph or two, decide I am not keen, and recycle to the book exchange or charity.


    I grabbed a couple more books today to give away. Last time, it was a bunch of kids’ books; this time, a couple of mine. Good thing, since a new one just came in! Always so much to read! 🙂

    I started The Story Girl (L.M. Montgomery) with the youngest boy tonight. Not sure whether he’ll pay much attention, but I was curious to see how closely the book was followed when the series “Road to Avonlea” was made. That was in the 90’s, so I don’t remember everything, but I liked the show and watched it all the time. I should be able to pinpoint a few differences at least.

    I also started The BFG (Roald Dahl) to give a bit of a break before the next Narnia read. (Feels like I just read one of the books when the youngest hands it over to me. Might have overdone it a bit with his love of the series!)

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