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What are you watching lately?

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    We just finished the last episode of The Great British Bake Off. After a long day I love just unwinding for an hour and watching cooking shows. I even found a American Baking Competition Show that I will have to try next. Although I’m not sure it will be the same without Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!


    I love the Tru channel. I love watching “Crimes Stories” and “Psychic Detectives”. I also loved watching “Unsolved Mysteries” on CBS Reality. “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction” is another favourite of mine. “Murder, She Wrote” is a classic. I love my crime shows on TV.


    KitKatKitty, I love crime shows too. My latest favorite is, The Killing. Ever heard of it?
    IMDb description of The Killing


    im waiting for game of thrones to return


    I never got into Game of Thrones, my husband watches it. When he has it on I can only sit through parts here and there but I usually get bored and leave the room! I’m not sure why I don’t like this tv series, it checks a lot of boxes off of things I like from other shows.

    There are lots of scenes where I feel like I’m watching soft core porn, which I don’t mind. It is the story that bores me!


    haha I quite like game of thrones – but that’s because I read the books 🙂 It’s strange. The first season was practically identical, then after that they’ve veered further and further away. Yeah, all those sex scenes really don’t exist either!!

    Christmas films (of course) I watched the muppets christmas carol yesterday – that always makes me laugh!


    I love GoT.

    I have got most of series 5 and all of 6 to catch up on.


    Has anyone ever seen Ghost World? It is a movie from 2001 with Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson and it reminds me of my youth. Some great movie quotes too!



    I haven’t seen that movie. I will check it out, though! I am watching season 2 of “Dark Angel” ATM. It’s such a good show. I do enjoy watching films with Jessica Alba in. My favourite has to be “Honey”. “Into The Blue” and “Paranoid” are also worth a watch. I love the “Fantastic 4” films, too. Anyhow, that’s my plug!


    I love Dark Angel too 🙂 It’s just a bugger for me to find it being shown with subtitles!! Have you tried Dollhouse? It’s on a similar dystopian/ syfy theme.

    I’ve just gone through every episode of Downton Abbey again (when you’re home all day every day with a sick dog things like this help you keep our sanity!)


    Do you guys get Netflix in the UK?

    Everyone here in the US have been talking about Stranger Things. I finished a while ago but wanted to know if anyone else saw it and what you all thought about it?

    I’m really into this Netflix show called, The Get Down

    A ragtag group of teenagers run wild in the streets of the Bronx in the late 1970s.

    I love the music!


    Yes we do 🙂

    I originally stopped my subscription years back when they said they were going to subtitle their shows and after a year they were still promising. Gave it another shot a few weeks back and lo and behold!

    Now I’m getting to re-watch series’ I love like voyager and loads of films. Just watched Brooklyn actually. If you haven’t yet I heartily recommend it. It’s set in the 50’s as an irish girl emigrates to new york in search of greener pastures. Very evocative.

    Actually I’ve had my eye on stranger things. I’ll give it a go soon 🙂


    I’ve been watching Shameless lately. The american version and it is ok. I really liked the UK version they did a few years ago so I decided to give this one a go. I’ve just been binge watching it when I get a chance to relax.

    I can’t remember, I thought I posted this here…

    Anyone else upset about the Great British Bake Off going to a different network and loosing Mary Berry!! I’m kinda upset about it. It was a show both Martin and I liked watching together and gorging ourselves with whatever we had in the house. I hope it is as good as the original!


    It’s a shame about Mary Berry leaving GBBO. To be honest, I don’t know why it has moved to a different channel. I do hope it stays as entertaining, though.

    I often wonder how she stays so slim with all those cakes she bakes! She is a wonderful lady, though. I’d happily eat any of her cakes!


    It was about money….

    Quelle surprise. >:-(

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