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    I watch too many shows to lists, my DVR is always full. I watch two soap operas, prime time shows on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, some cooking shows, reality and competition shows, cartoons, shows on A&E and History of the like, like pawn stars and counting cars. And I wish I could get my hands on Anime. Also some sports.

    swansoda, Same here. Expect for me its mainly PBS and its Masterpiece Theater (its a import mainly from BBC). At the same time have been watching more and more National Geographic these past couple to few mo. Thats also goes for the Smithsonian, spl (spelling) and also goes for going back to TLC LPBW (Little People, Big World).

    That’s cool. Sounds like good programs to watch. I never got into little people big world, but I was watching the little couple, but then had issues with recording it and fell behind. Joined Netflix and found it on there but then Netflix removed it while I was in the middle of watching. Their DVD rental only had first two seasons with no word on when more would be added. I’ve tried contacting Netflix and they won’t respond to me and everyone with Netflix I ask doesn’t have DVD rental subscription (I cancelled mine, but would up it again if I knew seasons were added). Otherwise I would have to pay like 99cents per episode to watch it on other streaming platforns 🙁


    I have just finished Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It was great in the first series, but the second went downhill. What comedy are you all watching these days?

    Big Bang Theory is my favorite, and The Middle. I’ve only seen the small amount of syndicated episodes of Parks and Recreation and I plan to watch the whole series on Netflix. I love April and Ron.


    I have just finished Crazy Ex Girlfriend. It was great in the first series, but the second went downhill. What comedy are you all watching these days?

    I’ve been looking for a good comedy. They are hard to come by. So much cheese out there!
    I did like Catastrophe. It’s a tv show by Amazon.



    I don’t seem to have the time to sit down and watch anything for very long lately. I do make sure that I get time to catch up on Wimbledon though. Just love to watch it.


    Recently watched The Greatest Showman at the cinemas, absolutely brilliant, feel good musical film.  Highly recommended!


    Haven’t watched a movie in the cinema since Beauty and the Beast live action. As for TV I just started getting into two new shows called Rise and Life Sentence.


    I watch way too many shows. Our DVR is constantly full. I haven’t decided what shows I’m catching up on tonight, but some of my choices are Riverdale, The Resident, Deception, The Terror, Timeless, Instinct, The Arrangement, and a bunch more.


    The last movie I saw was Fifty Shades Freed with a few of my girlfriends. I am also into Riverdale.


    I’ve been watching Mariah Carey interviews on YouTube. I am a HUGE Mariah Carey fan. I have also been watching Grimes and Christina Aguilera interviews, again, on YouTube. I am a YouTube addict!


    I primarily watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)

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