What are your biggest questions around experiencing more joy in your life??

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    Hi Everyone!

    I’m excited to be a new member here…I’d love to get to know you and how I can support you as I’m in the midst of creating an e-course: “Don’t Postpone Joy: Learn 33 Powerful Lessons to Experience More Joy Today & Everyday” for busy, stressed women who feel their lives are moving to fast to really enjoy them to the fullest.

    What questions do you have about how to slow down and create more joy and aliveness in your life?

    I’d love to hear, thanks!




    welcome BarbaraMichel- I’d love to get to know you too. Best way is for you to jump in and answer some of these posts. As far as your post, I’m sure you will get a big response. Lots of troubled women here. I’m just not one of them (anymore).


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    Is this what is known as pre-spam?


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    Hi barbara, I think if you lead a busy hectic life every woman needs to put some time aside each day and sit in a quiet place and just turn off mentally to reassess what you have achieved and what you want to achieve in life. That would do for a start.

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    Thanks Rhonda! I appreciate your response. Glad to hear you’re not troubled.

    There are actually many high functioning, relatively happy women I know who still feel the frustration of having too much to do with not enough time, including to pause and be more present and move more slowly or consciously through their day.

    I’d love to hear from women who feel they’re moving too fast and would love to slow down and be more present to the joy and gifts that are already in their lives.


    I agree Mikki,

    Yet I’m curious how many women actually set this time aside each day to sit in a quiet place and reflect on their life? I think it’s challenging for many woman, especially those in the helping professions or caretaking roles to give to themselves – they give alot to others and may not always be good at self-care or giving themselves the gifts of time and space – what do you think?


    Hi yes I agree, you see more women in care jobs than men and they are overworked but know their patients rely on them. This again is added stress so they should set aside some time to review their life and hopefully move forward with new vigour.


    I have found that music de-stresses me and really calms me down. I listen to music every day and it calms noise and anxiety in my mind. Music is very therapeutic I have found. I have tried sitting down in a silent room to deal with stress but can’t switch off. However, when I lie down – whether in the evening or middle of the day – I fall asleep quickly. I don’t know why, but I’ve seldom had a problem sleeping. But sitting in a silent room still does not work for me. I would probably fall asleep, though. I suppose that is relaxing but it isn’t always appropriate. Especially if I were in the office at that particular time.

    A great post.


    I wish there were more people out there willing to work with new mothers who come from professional backgrounds and are struggling with parenthood.

    I am very very close with my daughters and 2 of the 2 are so terribly lost with being new moms.  They miss their careers, they love their children and their husbands, they are bored at home, they are busy with babies, they miss adult interaction, one puts her children into day care part time to work at a part time job, but she struggles with guilt and depression both from being apart from her children, and being held back in her career.  The other is too new to put her babes into daycare but struggles with what she is going to do come the end of her maternity leave.  She has really good days of being a functioning happy mother, to being a miserable basket of stress, sorrow and anger.  I feel neither of them had any idea on how their lives would change as they became moms.  The third has slipped into motherhood easily, but lives in a small town away from the hustle and bustle of the career life.  And I feel she is emotionally doing the best of the 3 of them.

    Maybe some days it’s just me feeling over emotional wishing for easier lives for my girls.


    I think it is really hard these days with having a career as well as being a mother. As businesses have cut back, and require more commitment from their staff, stress has risen. There has always been  depression after childbirth but I can see that, particularly for some. there are big inner conflicts. When I look back I realise I could maybe have gone far in my profession, but I am not regretting being in a fairly stress free area raising my children. I do wonder if the main reason for paternity leave is not equality, but just to limit the disruption with the female workforce.


    As we all realize the female workforce is very important: we do jobs men used to do. And we do – mostly – raise the children. I second Melanie’s post. I do think for us women to find time to sit down on this website and reflect on our lives and problems is a release and there is so much advice and different experiences that we contribute here.

    A wonderful website.

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