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    What do you love about your face and body?

    Face: I love my eyes: I am always plucking my eyebrows too, and this enhances them. I also love my mouth: I have beautiful teeth and fairly full lips, so can wear lipstick.

    Body: I love my skinny hips and legs. I love my feet and hands. I am always soaping my feet and using foot cream. I keep my hands nice by always having manicured nails and wearing rings.

    Over to you!


    My favourite features are probably my legs. My knees are a bit knobbly as I am always neeling down , but otherwise very slender but shapely. I love to wear short skirts and dark tights which show them well. I like my nails too as they are notmally neat and tidy even though I do a lot in the garden.


    Hiya, like Jen my best feature is my legs as they are nice and long, so I try and show them off in the Summer ( cannot come quick enough for me). Of course I also have too short a hemline for my age but hey life should be fun right.


    I’d love to have longer legs: those women in “Coyote Ugly” had the most wonderful long, skinny legs. I wish!

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    I forgot I have been told I have a cute bum as well and not by my hubby lol.

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    My eyes are my absolute favourite feature. I pluck my eyebrows regularly, too. People have always admired my eyes: I know this because I have been told so.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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