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What Are Your Views On Horror Films?

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    I can’t watch them: I get nightmares for years afterwards. BUT I do like the first and third Hellraiser. However, the prosthetics of Frank Cotton in the first film aren’t great and Frank simply does not frighten me. I think that is because they made him talk. If he’d been a silent villian and the prosthetics had been better, it would be a more frightening film. But Hellraiser was made in 1987, so technology was not as advanced as it is today.

    As for other horror films: I watched many years and years ago, but don’t anymore. I have to say, Alien is terrifying. Nightmare On Elm Street is also incredibly scary. They ARE brilliant films, though, and I do appreciate they aren’t real. Still, they aren’t my thing these days.

    Your views on horror films?


    I don’t like being scared, so I never think of watching horror movies. However, I think that I would be more likely to see them as cheesy because I’d remember it’s not real and I’m just being manipulated by the filmmakers.


    Film makers and special effects are very clever. They seem so real. Which I know is the point. But they still scare me and cause nightmares. Horror films aren’t real, though. And there ARE good mild horror films. Mild horror I can handle.


    I didn’t watch a horror film today. But I did watch “Coyote Ugly” on DVD [this evening]. I have watched that film so many times: it has to be my favourite. I love its storyline and characters. It also inspires my own writing. Violet is a brilliant character and the actress portrays her well. Coyote Ugly has heart and soul. I’ll never get bored of seeing it.


    I am going to watch “Miracles From Heaven” starring Jennifer Garner on DVD in the next few days.

    I am a HUGE Jennifer Garner fan. She is a true star.


    That was a great movie! I saw it in the theatre when it came out.

    I watched about half of Mandie and the Cherokee Treasure last night on RedeemTV. Not like the book, but maybe it’ll end closer to the plot that they’re basing it on? The first book was closer to its source material, and I’ve seen the Christmas movie as well (but it was a while ago, so I’ll watch it again soon).


    Jennifer Garner’s great, isn’t she? I’ve watched the TV series “Alias” on DVD loads of times. Jennifer is one talented actress. It was a shame about Ben Afflect, but he was a dog: he did the dirty on her with the nanny. They’re divorced now, anyway.

    Anyhow, I do have my favourite celebrities!*

    *Ben Afflect is not one of them.


    If you want to stay sane, steer clear of horror films.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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