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What books do you like?

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    Do you enjoy classics, romances, or any special genre?  Do you have any books you feel have just really changed your life?

    I mostly love reading fantasy novels, I’ve read many major ones like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, Chronicles of Prydain, Narnia, A Wizard of Earthsea, and such and such.  I’ve really been into an author named Robin Hobb, she has some lovely fantasy series like the Liveship Traders, which I found just wonderful, she has really strong female protagonists who are brilliantly written.

    I have a harder time getting into non-fantasy unless they’re really special, I do like how Alexandre Dumas writes, I just loved the Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo, his characters are delightful and funny.  I’ve tried reading Charles Dickens but I just found his books a bit stuff, if I’m making sense?

    I also really like this series by Elizabeth Peters, about a character named Amelia Peabody, and her stories are all about Egyptology, they are historical mysteries about a family of archaeologists, I found those very interesting to read, I enjoy characters I can really get into.

    Maybe it’s just my experience, but I’ve found with women authors it seems like it’s so much easier to really get into the minds of her characters, while often it feels male authors focus so much on external details, if I’m making a lot of sense with that?


    Interesting books. I think that I am not really into fantasy, although one of my favourite books falls into that, being Alice in Wonderland. I really read a great variation, from fiction to factual. The last book I read was of David Attenboroughs early days. If I were younger it might change my direction lol. I like Dickens but seldom read. I have read some Shakespear, but am not keen. I do like George Orwell (best known for Animal Farm and 1984).  I do read more modern novels, but don’t really have a great favourite. I do like detective novels and have read a large number of Agatha Christie (I love the adaptations for cinema and the TV as well).


    Hi I love reading and probably have too many books but who cares, my fav authors are LEE CHILDS and ROBERT GODDARD, Jen will like the last one as he writes mainly mystery novels set in Cornwall with a slightly mystical air to them, usually a crime in the past affecting what is happening in the present. Of course L. C.   is fantastic, apparently one of his books is sold somewhere in the world every 20 seconds !!!, so if you like a cerebral as well as an exciting novel he is your man.


    My favorites are romance novels, like those by Nicholas Sparks. I’m currently reading The Longest Ride by him.

    I have the Harry Potter series but have never actually read them. I feel like it’s so inground into my generation that it is something that I should try to read at least once. I also have several classics on my shelf that I plan to read, such as  War and Peace, To Kill a Mockingbird, and others. I was always the kid in school who really loved the books we were assigned such as 1984, The Great Gatsby, and The Things They Carried (story of soldiers). I’ve enjoyed mystery and fantasy novels as well.

    Really anything with a good plot where I become lost in the story. I only keep my books once I read them if I had a strong connection with the book, otherwise, I donate them to the local library.

    I agree that female authors can often touch on the more emotional details to a character.  I feel like different authors have their own way of pulling you in and attaching you to a character. One of my favorite things is when they’ve pulled me in enough to create a bond and have a deep care for a fictional character.


    Thank you kindly for your replies!  I have read some George Orwell, he’s interesting!  I enjoy Shakespeare, my favorite play is Julius Caesar, I just love his poetry and metaphors. 🙂

    Oh Lakey I do love Harry Potter, they’re delightful to read!  Rowling just draws you right in, she is brilliant.  And she knows just what she’s doing, I’ve read her books like 5 times, and it’s so wonderful going back again and seeing things you didn’t see before, and realizing how she planned everything out just so perfectly.  Oh and she so wonderfully brings you into a child’s mind, I love her books more than her movies because of all those little things, like you’re really living his life and experiencing his troubles with him.

    I love reading books over and over, I’ve read some as many as like a dozen times or so.  I really love how books can make your most beloved characters immortal, like no matter what happens to them you can always go back and live their life over again, and take them back to when they were truly innocent if they change, and you know they’ll always be there for ever and ever, am I making sense?  I find that so very comforting.


    I love:

    1. Christopher Pike
    2. Nancy Drew
    3. Adele Parks
    4. Point Horror
    5. Mills & Boon
    6. War and Peace
    7. Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman

    I like everything: I am a book addict.


    For an author to leave such a mark on a generation with her books that it’ll be well worth the read. I hope that when I find the chance to read them that I have half the passion for them as you! 🙂


    It’s so surprising how fast you can go through them!  I read Deathly Hallows all the first day it was out, lol.


    I read mostly books/articles about my work and industry.  I have continuing education requirements in my profession.

    I also read a lot of news articles about current events in the business and consumer worlds.

    I haven’t bought or checked out a book for pleasure quite a while, but my interests run the gamut from lighthearted to intense.  I think, the last book I read for pleasure was “For One More Day,” by Mitch Albom…or was it “Marley & Me,” by John Grogan?  I bought them both around the same time.

    In my youth, I read quite a bit more.  As a young teen, I remember “The Good Earth,” by Pearl S. Buck had a great effect on me.  I can’t recall any other book since which tugged on my heartstrings as much as that one.  I haven’t read the other two books in the trilogy, though.


    What industry are you in TestDummyCO?  I read one of your posts where you said you do like code testing?  I write SQL and SAS for my work, I’m just curious if we’ve got anything in common, my field is so heavily male dominated I just love meeting other women peers.

    Please take care, thanks so kindly for sharing!


    You’re probably going to laugh about this, Mamie…

    I graduated with a BSBA with an emphasis in Finance.  I applied for various entry-level positions in the Finance field, but my current employer offered nearly double those salaries to test software.  I’ve been involved in IT ever since.

    I used to do software and database testing, in which the male-female ratio is about even.  Now, I primarily do system/network administration, which is male-dominated.


    My degree is in accounting, but I never did anything in that field, lol.  I started out my career as a bank teller and I moved up into analytics, I had an aptitude for programming.  My programming knowledge is all entirely self-taught, my degree is purely decorative lol, but I guess I do work in finance so maybe it helps me having some basic theory?


    I really into this author Dani Pettrey who writes inspirational romantic suspense/adventure novels.


    Growing up when I really got into reading I started reading The Chronicles Of Narnia Series. From there I have enjoyed good Fantasy/Adventure books such as The Lord Of The Rings and the Harry Potter Series. George R.R. Martin is another author I enjoy(A Game Of Thrones).


    Ooooh Tearknee we’ve read a lot of the same books, lol.  Do you have other fantasy series you like?  When I was little I really liked the Chronicles of Prydain also, and the Wizard of Earthsea.  What do you like best about fantasy?  I’d say it’s totally my favorite genre of story.

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