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    I received:

    1. Virtual reality headset
    2. A light-up vanity mirror
    3. Gorgeous jewellery
    4. A lovely nail polish set
    5. A fluffy grey cushion
    6. Other makeup
    7. A calendar

    I am really pleased with my presents! I feel like a pampered princess. LOL.

    Over to you!

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    I got two books from mum …  80s icons, the wham story and Debbie Harry. ( I adored blondie when I was a young teen)

    Two olive trees for my garden from a friend

    Two pieces of design glass from OH.




    We don’t really exchange gifts in our family.  Just before Christmas, I did get hubby an alpaca sweater from the UNICEF Market…I just used Christmas as an excuse to get him something more stylish.

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    We don’t really exchange gifts either, although that’s not really my choice. A few token presents.

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    I think after so many years youve had all the tat, silly socks and nightshirts, perfume coming out your ears and more earrings than a years worth of ears can manage.. So apart from a token gift many people chose to do what OH and I do and thats to treat oursleves to something.

    A couple of years ago we updated our old Tv to a new smart tv with all the bells and whistles, but Ive heard of other treats sign up to netflix or go to a show, have a weekend away at a spa after all the celebrations are over, manye=be that is a better way to spend money when you have the things you want or like me are very fussy about gifts,

    I really want new gloves but I think I need to get them at an outdoor/hunting shop because I want ones I can walk the dogs with but use for photography and I know there are hunting gloves that have a fold back trigger finger …which would work for the camera. But this is so specific I cant ask anyone else to get them.

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    It might sound selfish but I usually get a Christmas gift for myself these days. This stems a bit from what you say Cassandra. Today I got a couple of pads of watercolour paper, a couple of blank canvases and a new , tabletop, drawing board. They are things someone could buy but it would mean being fairly specific and they wouldn’t have been in the sales, which they were today.

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    100ml EDP of Heat by Beyonce

    Bayliss & Harding Shower stuff

    Nail Polish

    Hogwarts PJs

    Hogwarts crest duvet set

    Yesterday I got my new Skechers trainers from my mom which was a birthday present….


    My sister in law posted last night that her Secret Santa bought her an MBE  for her work promoting help for mental illness.

    I think that raises the bar for special gifts!


    I have been playing with my virtual reality headset. I went on the rollercoaster with it. I shall also be doing some space exploration and commuting on cars and trains. I may also view how the human body works on the inside.

    Virtual reality rules!

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    I received troubles with my mom and sis and we never talk anymore. This was the worst Christmas in my life. 🙁


    I received troubles with my mom and sis and we never talk anymore. This was the worst Christmas in my life. 🙁

    I’m so sorry to hear you are having troubles with your family.

    Sometimes people need space and time to sort themselves out before they can behave nicely to others.

    Don’t give up.

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    I am sorry to hear that, Amleta77.

    If I may ask, what happened to cause a rift between you and your sister and mum? Is there any way it can be mended [for lack of a better word] or talked through? Will time heal these wounds? Basically, if you need any advice, we’re here for you.

    Take care, lovely.


    My favorite gift this year was a water globe that plays Music of the Night while Erik and Christine dance.

    I also got some jewelry, some perfume, some clothes (a nice chenille cardigan I really like)

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