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what did you learn today?

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    We know Amy Schumer from her stand up show and from among others the film she made with Goldie Hawn.. hilarious.

    Ive seen Amy cooks listed but Ive never watched .. To be honest US cooking shows use a lot of stuff we either dont get or has other names so its very confusing..

    It is very different dealing with a partner on the spectrum adults will forgive childrens autistic behaviour  but frown at the same from adults as if ‘oh youre older so you should have grown out of it ‘ as if  autism is the same as sucking thumbs !


    that the biggist guitar that’s currently in use is 13 meters long, 3 meters more than the longest fish in the ocean


    Oops!  I just realized…

    It’s “Amy Schumer Learns to Cook,” aired on the Food Network.  “Amy Learns to Cook” is a a different show that I never heard about until now.  Apparently this other Amy has a web site as well.


    Cool woman.


    I learned that Dune is a big deal with sci-fi readers, and there will likely be folks complaining no matter how good the newest movie is. 😉 😉


    Dune is meant to be a brilliant book. In fact, I have just decided to borrow a copy from the library.

    I’ll do so shortly!


    I have learnt that my body cannot tolerate wheat, brown bread and wheat products. I am not joking. I had ONE SLICE of brown bread. It isn’t paranoia: it is the brown bread.

    I do not know why but my body cannot digest anything with wheat in it. I realized this finally today. This means bread is off the table. No wheat crackers or bread & butter pudding [which also made me ill in the past]. All those foods make me terribly sick. This includes museli. And All-bran. All those fibre rich foods actually make me sicker: so I can’t follow that advice.  Because I saw a dietician years ago and she advised me on fibre-rich foods to consume. Needless to say, those foods did not help. My body works differently to the normal digestive process. Most people can eat roughage after roughage with absolutely no problem: I can’t. I don’t know why, but that is the way my biology is.

    It’s hard knowing that, but I have to face it: I need to be careful about everything I eat. The truth hurts, but it is fact. Even one slice of something with wheat in it affects my body badly.


    I am sorry to hear that Kitty. Don’t forget that you do need some other form of roughage though.


    Thank you, SpinningJen.

    Being allergic to wheat isn’t pleasant. But I just have to steer well clear of it. By avoiding those foods my gut isn’t irritated. Avoiding museli and brown bread definitely helps me. A lot of people don’t realize that there are some people with gut allergies. One size fits all doesn’t fit all in terms of wheat [in my case]. Just because one person has a strong stomach, does not mean the other does. AND an allergic reaction can take up to 3 days: not always 30 minutes. I also think a lot of people take their gut health for granted. And damage their own gut health with diets and diet pills. If someone appreciates having a good gut, then they must eat properly and not abuse diet pills. If they don’t follow that advice, they’ll get sick, too.

    Basically, food helps the body work and not dieting means you’ll have a healthy gut that will keep YOU happy. Digestion is a process that needs food to function properly: by the person eating enough to keep themselves healthy and the gut properly working throughout their life.

    My motto: NEVER abuse your body with crash diets. And NEVER take diet pills. If your doctor advises you to do so, tell your doctor a big, fat NO.


    I have also learnt I love good old fashioned snail mail. Texts and emails are great for business purposes and other miscellaneous. But – when it comes to friends and family – hand written letters, cards and postcards are a lovely way to keep in touch. Plus, I use cool stickers to jazz up the letters and envelopes. I do occasionally type my friends letters, but usually stick to handwriting.

    It is old-skool: I remember on the 1990’s when PenPals were all the rage. I also had friends I regularly sent letters to. It is just something I do again. I think it is sentimental and nostalgic. I’d love my friends to reciprocate!


    I learned that it’s worth checking the mailbox after the weekend – the box was empty today, but before I got into the post office, I had a good chat with a friend who stopped by to check her own box. Wouldn’t have seen her otherwise! 🙂


    I haven’t learnt anything new today but my good friend, Nick, has sent me a cool issue of “Spirit and Destiny” magazine and a greeting card with a lovely message in it! Having someone take the time and effort to do that for me is really nice.

    It seems a small gesture, but has really brightened up my day!


    I learned that there is a manticore on the coat of arms of Canada! We had some new school workbooks delivered this afternoon, and it was probably smart to leave them on the table where everyone could look. The oldest started looking through the Social Studies book, and found the coat of arms. I hadn’t really looked at it closely (probably ever) and knew there was a lion and unicorn, but a manticore? My fantasy-reading kids were intrigued… 🙂


    After reading your comment Rebecca and not knowing what a manticore was I looked it up. In my further searches I found out that Canada has it’s own tartan – called the Maple leaf Tartan.


    Go, Maple Leaf Tartan! 🙂

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