What Do You Celebrate About Yourself?

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    I’ll start:

    1. I have beautiful eyes
    2. I LOVE my nails
    3. I love plucking my eyebrows
    4. I have well maintained feet
    5. I love smelling nice and shower daily

    Over to you! This is mainly appearance related, though: just a heads up.


    My legs and my hair. My tum is putting in a bid now as I am gradually getting it in trim LOL


    My eyebrows, Ive never ever plucked them but they are fine and arched as if Ive just been to a salon. People have even asked me where I get them done!

    I am another one who likes to be clean , clean nail and hands I wash my hands  a lot…

    I try to keep my hair short and tidy well brushed and neat but I dont use product on it.

    Hate my feet they are dry and I have trouble with cracked skin on my heels.


    Well, I have something to celebrate: my new shoes! They aren’t too small and I have room for thick socks in the cold weather. They’re fur [fake!] trimmed and are like walking on a carpet. They are seriously nice shoes. Well, boots actually. They are a grey colour. I bought them today with my close friend. She helped me choose them: and I am glad she did!

    I love shoes.

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    Have responded back to your message from yesterday KitKatKitty!


    Thank you, Rachel!


    I LOVE my daily shower. I shower every morning, like clockwork. I love soaps and shower gels and shampoo and everything beauty product related. Although I don’t wear a lot of makeup. However, I do wear lipstick and nail polish. I am religious when it comes to my nails! They are my pride & joy.

    I do also have a passion for lipstick. I love lipstick art: such as photography and paintings which celebrate the cosmetic. Lipstick does indeed have a long history attached to it. Even before Jesus was born, women were painting their lips.

    Do read my poem “The Lipstick Story”. You can see it here. Anyhow, I have always had nice nails. I do like them short, though.



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    Look forward to your response!


    Look forward to your response KitKatKitty!


    Another poem I wrote: enjoy!


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    Wow KitKatKitty you are a prolific writer. Over 300 poems on that website. How do you find the inspiration for them?


    Have responded back to your message KitKatKitty from yesterday!


    Thank you, Rachel! I will respond soon.

    cassandra: I have written many poems over the years: most I have discarded. I get my inspiration from my night dreams, the news, religion and just plain imagination. Some are better than others. But I never claimed to be some kind of clever-cloggs, who is the best ever! LOL.

    Anyhow, I love the structure of a poem and experimenting with different styles and formats. I write purely for entertainment and most are not so-so serious. Some are just fun and cheerful. The serious ones do come from problems in my life and emotions that I feel others battle with, too. My poems are there to show what everyone goes through in their lives.

    300 poems are a lot, but I tend to write when inspiration hits, rather than writing and posting random poems that have no soul or meaning. I just write when my muse visits and when I have a message to share.

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    I love the ‘fun and cheerful’ Kitty. I see that in many of the poems you write.


    Thank you, SpinningJen: a poem doesn’t have to be serious!

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