What Do You Celebrate About Yourself?

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    Thank you, SpinningJen: a poem doesn’t have to be serious!

    I think the role model for non serious poems has to be the brilliant Pam Ayres,, I had a copy of her poem  I wish I’d looked after me teeth pinned up for the children to read while they brushed their teeth.

    At Christmas I always hang a copy of her Goodwill to men- give us your money  on the wall to read it makes me laugh everytime.

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    I think poetry is popular for a reason: it speaks about the heart, mind and soul. It speaks about politics, crime, the economy, romance and every subject you could ever think of. Poems are an easy way to describe feelings, situations, problems, emotions. So many people pen poetry. Many read poetry. It is an art-form that is close to so many people’s hearts.

    I have never made any money from my poetry: and I doubt I will. I am good but know that is not always enough. Still, I write poems and put them online and just hope they cheer people up or make them think about world issues. However, I have never claimed to be some sort of W.B Yeats or Sylvia Plath. Those writers are legends and I can aspire to be like them, but whether or not that happens does not matter. Writing – again – does not always have to be serious or very high quality. Quality is important, though and I do try.


    It is often being in the right place at the right time Kitty. Confidence does help though and you are helping yourself by being forward with your presentation. You perhaps just need an edge?


    I did write “The Chocolate Story”, which I hope people enjoy reading. I do love writing factual, historical poems. I do think my poems have gotten better with time. But the older ones do grow on you. I just am more skilled these days. And I definitely love the artform.


    Have responded back to your message KitKatKitty from the morning!

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    I value my kindness.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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