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What Foods Are You Allergic To?

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    I cannot digest brown bread, brown bread pudding, shreddies, museli, lettuce and other raw vegetables. I also have to be careful with mince and mince products. Roughage really gives me an upset stomach. For some reason I cannot digest the above mentioned foods without getting sick. Roughage actually makes my digestion worse. It is supposed to help with the process, but – for some reason – makes me really sick. When I avoid such foods, I am fine.

    My sister won’t believe me, but I know my body best: considering I’ve had it for nearly 40 years. And I KNOW it is an allergic reaction to certain foods and not some bug.

    Do YOU have any foods that make your body sick? How do you avoid such foods when shopping in the supermarket? Do others know about your food allergies? Take your food allergies seriously? Because I KNOW I am allergic to some foods. My sister won’t convince me otherwise. Again, I have had this body a long time, so I should know these things.


    Ive become slightly lactose intolerant as Ive got older.


    Apart from that nothing but I hate mushrooms…


    You mention a good part of my diet Kitty! It’s funny how people differ even though we are all made the same. One thing I do have to limit myself to a little is grapes as they go straight through me. I make use of them in this respect though. I suppose I do regard myself as being able to eat anything although there probably are things that affect me, but not anything that I am totally allergic to as far as I know. I love raw onions which can be a bit harsh on the system at times and I try to avoid the really strong ones.


    I am alergic to nuts. they make me go in to shock and I have to have one of those pends with me (or rely on the fact someone else has one)


    I am also alergic to icecream- it makes me bleed nonstop to dangerous levels.


    while I am not alergic to carots, my body rejects them (actually it rejects most veg)


    for years, I used to think I was alergic to sausages (I had an experience when I was younger which convinced me)

    but I’m fine with them. I actually really enjoy them- have them for dinner a  lot


    the other 2 things I have issues with are stings (again, I go in to shock) and also the chemicals in bleech (which cause me to have heart attack like psymptoms)


    Nasty things allergies.

    My youngest son was always lactose intolerant to the point that he would get really ill from a single square of chocolate.

    My eldest son developed allergies slowly it started with a tickle on the throat when he ate nuts when he was about 15 and developed from there , soon nut oil,  nuts  , seeds including sesame ,chia and caraway were all on the danger list , then he reacted to garlic..

    Awful enough for anyone but by this time he was a newly qualified chef….I was called one evening because he had gone blue after testing a dish that had some allergen on it.

    Its a career that he was forced to abandon. Although he still cooks for fun…

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    Food allergies are on the rise. My bestie, Vicky, is allergic to prawns. Her face becomes red and blotchy and restricts her throat. Which is truly awful. She also cannot eat onions, for the same reason.


    I’m lucky (maybe, cursed?) that I don’t have any food allergies.


    I am definitely allergic to brown bread. Soda bread also makes my gut react really badly. I can’t eat museli. I can’t eat all-bran. I can’t eat roughage, basically. Dietitians all say roughage helps the gut work properly: in my case it does the opposite. Lettuce and raw vegetables also make my gut angry. I have a lot of bacteria in my gut and they go on a feeding frenzy when I eat these foods. Which I no longer do.

    I just have to accept that my body works differently to others. Because everyone’s system is different and no one can control their reactions to certain foods. Basically, what works for one does not work for the other.


    I had a friend who couldn’t eat vegetables after different health issues in his adulthood, including cancer (though I don’t recall which kind). It all left his digestion very wonky in the past few years. Almost anything disagreed with him, but in particular the veggies! We were quite a pair going out for meals one weekend I visited him – I was totally into salads for my meals, and he had to stay away from them!


    That’s interesting, Rebecca. I must say a lot of people think one size fits all: but we know that is not true. Basically, one person may be fine with museli, while another will have an allergic reaction to museli. Or one person may be fine with prawns, but another will have an allergy to prawns.

    Food allergies are incredibly common these days, too. My sister has an upset tummy when she eats processed meats and re-heated food. I get an upset tummy when I eat bread and roughage. Even lettuce sets me off. I just cannot eat salad because of my stomach. Salad is bland and boring, anyway. I won’t touch salad: or apples*, even.

    *I am told to eat an apple every day, but I don’t bother. I hate raw apples and always will. I LOVE apple pie and apple crumble: I just won’t eat a raw apple.


    [quote quote=228342] My sister has an upset tummy when she eats processed meats and re-heated food.

    I don’t have an allergy with them but even the thought, let alone the sight, of some processed meats is enough to make me ill. There are some varieties of ham you can buy which we nickname ‘plastic ham’ as it is so false. I am careful with re-heating some foods too as sometimes it does not go well. Not really allergies but things I am careful with or avoid. With more natural foods though I often just cut the bad bits off and have no problems eating the rest.


    @SpinningJen laughing at your plastic ham… My son once asked why we didnt have smiley  ham for our bread and I had no idea what he meant. So when I went shjopping I had a good look around ,I did find the smiley ham but like you the thought of eating that plastic ham turned my stomach and I never did buy it.

    When my daughter was about 8 she ate tea at a friends house when she got home I asked if she had enjoyed herself and she said yes but in a very questioning way.

    So I asked what they ate,  potatoes, peas and another thing, it was a rectangle and it was orange and bumpy and it had white stuff inside , she thought it might be fish?

    Poor child she had never seen fish fingers so she had no idea what they were.. We never ate them.


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    My mother also had an allergy to brown bread. Although she died a few years ago, I do see her in myself. Anyhow, that is another topic. Back to the bread: my gut does not like yeast or roughage. I simply can’t touch soda bread or granary bread. In fact, I can feel the effects up to 3 days later. My gut doesn’t react instantly.

    Basically, I stick to white bread and avoid starchy roughage. I’ll eat cornflakes but never all-bran or museli. I don’t eat raw salads either: their consistency does something to my stomach and makes my gut very unhappy.

    The good news is, I know exactly what I can and can’t eat. If I didn’t know this, my problem with roughage would be a lot worse.


    I can’t have shell fish.

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