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What genre do you read most often?

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    I watched a documentary called “Agatha Christie’s England” and that was really cool for seeing locations and hearing the basics of Agatha’s lifestory, but I don’t read mysteries anymore. Not adult ones, anyway. I find them too violent now. I can read middle-grade mysteries with my kids, though, because the plots are about missing items and such. That’s the kind of mystery I can go for nowadays – the world is brutal enough without delving into crimes in my entertainment!

    I have phases in what genre I’ll be reading for a while, but one constant throughout is romance. I love a good love story! Even that definition has changed over the years, though, because I now prefer stories about families and about couples who aren’t hopping into bed rather than getting to know each other’s personalities…

    And even though everyone assumes Jane Austen is just a romance writer, she was a genius for her observation about what was happening socially around her, so her books are not completely romance – they’re social commentary/romance. Social romance? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


    I dont read horrors but I like a good crime mystery. I have most of Agatha Christie’s novels.

    I also have the Ian Rankin Rebus collection and all of the Dick Francis novels (all take place around horse racing).

    These days I also quite like biographies.


    Mills & Boon medical romances are my absolute favourite books. I don’t favour a particular genre more than any other BUT I do love:

    1. Christopher Pike
    2. Nancy Drew: I have quite the collection of this series
    3. Agatha Raisin: every book in the series
    4. Adele Parks [I am reading her novel “Lies Lies Lies” ATM]
    5. Marian Keyes [“Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married” being my favourite]
    6. Loving Barbara Taylor Bradford and her book “A Woman Of Substance” [the BEST book ever]
    7. Point Horror
    8. Cecelia Ahern [best book: “If You Could See Me Now”]

    As you can tell, I LOVE reading. I’ll read books forever.

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    I keep forgetting to look for that Barbara Taylor Bradford book. Maybe the title will stick in my mind when I get Kindle in hand…

    I have some Nancy Drew on one of the bookshelves. I was ready to read that series at the start of grade 6, and I think my mum has been expecting me or one of my three sisters to claim the books since. It took me a long time, but I finally got nostalgic for them when we read one of the Pumpkin Falls mysteries (middle-grade fiction my older boys like). I was pretty sure Mum still had them, so I asked for them and also took several Hardy Boys to accompany them. They all look great on the shelf! πŸ™‚ I’ve only read one or two so far, but I always have the option now! πŸ˜€

    I also have a whole shelf of Jane Austen and related books. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    I read the Agatha Christie books and have recently finished a Sherlock Holmes collection of short stories. I have just got an Ian Rankin Rebus book from the book exchange. It is one of the more modern ones: ‘Standing in Another Man’s Grave’ in which Rebus is working in the cold case unit. I am looking forward to reading it.


    There are so many good books to read: and I’ve read so many over the years. I truly am addicted to reading.


    Also a fan of Agatha Christie, Marian Keyes & have watched Agatha Raisin series on tv.


    I am trying to read through Adele Parks novel “Lies Lies Lies” but I keep being interrupted: either by the phone, having to see people or needing to do housework. I don’t even have time to watch films anymore. I put on the DVD in the evening… then the phone rings. I pick up a book… the phone rings. And I can’t read in bed because I fall asleep. It’s neverending. All I need is a few hours alone to read my book.

    That is all I ask.


    Totally understand, KitKatKitty! I had to get into the habit of snatching five or ten minutes to read when I had babies and toddlers. Even got used to that for TV shows and movies! Now I’m spoiled and have uninterrupted time in the evenings. I do tend to lay down in bed to read, once I’ve gotten to the last hour or half hour before I should sleep, but I’d say sit up in your bedroom if reading makes you sleepy.

    Hope you make progress soon in that book!

    I’m slowly making my way through some children’s mystery/adventure books. The current book (#3) is Mandie and the Ghost Bandits. I’ve left this print book downstairs near the computer, so I grab it at some mealtimes (naughty mama). I don’t get far, but it’s nice to get a few pages read, and it encourages the boys to stop talking for a bit in order to feed themselves, hee hee.


    I had to abandon “Lies Lies Lies”. Instead I read a shorter book: it was a Mills & Boon Medical Romance. And now I am onto another Mills & Boon. I shall tackle Adele Parks book after finishing my current pile of novels [borrowed from the library]. It’s annoying but I thought to myself I’d just read easy books to start with and go for the major drama last.

    Real life does tend to prevent us reading our books: you’re right there, Rebecca! Having children certainly puts a damper on our relaxing time. I don’t have kids myself [yet!] but being interrupted constantly is making reading those long books difficult. I need a good 3 to 4 hours without the phone ringing.

    Anyhow, Mills & Boon is one of the best series of romance books I’ve come across.


    I never read Mills and Boon or Bouquet as they are called here. I dont like the format or the style.

    I dont like out and out horror either..



    I won’t watch horror films OR read horror books, either: I end up having nightmares for years afterwards. The movie “Alien” still haunts me. I DEFINITELY avoid science-fiction horror. But – the ironic thing is – I am excellent at writing horror stories myself. I really know what I’m doing when I sit down at my computer and type out a short story.

    Anyhow, horror films – bar Hellraiser – are not for me.


    Alien gave me a headache as my eyes are not so good in very low light, before my ears take over in the dark, so I found the film with it’s many dark scenes one of the worst I have ever seen. I could not really follow the action. I hate dark films, not because they are scary, because I don’t follow them well.


    [quote quote=227974]Alien gave me a headache as my eyes are not so good in very low light, before my ears take over in the dark, so I found the film with it’s many dark scenes one of the worst I have ever seen. I could not really follow the action. I hate dark films, not because they are scary, because I don’t follow them well.


    Im not a fan of shot in the dark films either I think they are lazy filmography. Cheap backdrops (all that flue liner doesnt fool me and who has steam on a space ship?) which is why I suppose the Star Trek movies stand out. no expense spared on back drops although they do still use the steam and flue liner..


    I have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!

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