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What genre do you read most often?

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    Thank you, Rachel! I shall reply to it tomorrow morning!


    Look forward to hearing from you!


    I replied yesterday afternoon, Rachel. I hope you enjoy reading my reply!


    Gold star to me: This afternoon I have gotten to read – and finished reading – the Adele Parks novel “Lies Lies Lies”.

    It is such a brilliant book. And it is full of twists and turns. Because it is all lies, lies, lies. Such a web of deceit these characters weave. It is also very dark material: it is – essentially – for adults, rather than teenagers or young people in general. The writer had me captivated from the start.

    Adele Parks has outdone herself.


    I finished the pile of books I borrowed from the library: and have to say I LOVE Mills & Boon medical romances. They’re wonderful, heartbreaking, bittersweet and heart-warming stories on the whole.

    I do love reading romance novels. I could not care less about horror books, though: perhaps I’d read the odd Stephen King, but him and him only. I read the odd science fiction, too, but they’re not usually my thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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