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    For some of us it is that first cup of coffee, others it is that nice shower or maybe even walking the dog.What gets you going in the morning?

    I am not much of a morning person so coffee and a nice shower do help, but I feel breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me. So I usually eat a nice hearty breakfast which includes eggs, bacon, and toast with some sort of juice.


    Just a shower for me.  Then there’s the half-mile walk to my office every morning.  That gets the blood flowing.

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    I am up and ready to go naturally at like 5:45 am. I don’t really need much to get started, I feel very sharp right away. I do also love breakfast and will eat first thing, I make myself an egg and cheese croissant, so easy and oh so delicious! After breakfast I make my 20 foot commute to work and I’m working like 20 minutes after crawling out of my bed.

    I so totally used to be more sluggish before I gave up coffee. I feel life’s so much easier now.

    My problem is how to stay up, lol. By 9pm I feel like a zombie.

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    usually wake up at noon time then ritual is tea during long bath then makeup then dress and i am good to go

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    A shower to freshen up and coffee made in my caffetterie.

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    A rinse with cold water, dress into lounge wear, then a very small bowl of cereals with a large cup of coffee and a look on this forum to see what is new.

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    What gets me going immediately is the thought of a new day, then 1 of 2 furbrats asking to be fed RIGHT NOW, making coffee and going back to lay in bed with it and surf for an hour, then I shower and get ready for work to music (anything from pop to country classics to rock…..all depends).



    My coffee is what gets me going.  I know, not very original.

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