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What is one thing you are grateful for this week ?

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    <!–more–>I’ll start ..

    After a long week of several emotions ons , I am grateful for my support system . Without there patient talks and assistance t idk if I could’ve got out of bed today . With everything going on in the world it seems selfish to share our own emotions and let it pull us down . Although I had some rough days like others I can say am happy I have people around who support and extend comfort when I need it most .


    Hope everyones day was good with an even better night.


    I am glad you are getting the support you need. Most people need some at some point. It’s been a quiet week with me. I would be grateful to be in good health.


    There is an old saying that Charity begins at home and it begins with loving yourself and taking care of yourself. You cant help others if you are not well yourself so make sure you are well.

    As always my saving grace are my dogs they are the love and laughter in my life.

    I have also been lucky to see some beautiful sunrises this week and that always boosts my spirit and makes me feel better.


    I am really greatful for all the rain we’ve been having

    I don’t cope well with the heat, or hotness in general- so this weather’s been really cooling the air and making me feel good


    however: I read that we’re going to get another heatwave next week


    I hope not, but what can you do…


    I am a winter girl through and through. lol


    I don’t like hot weather myself, emily91. Although I am an autumn girl at heart, rather than a winter girl. I love the cooler weather in autumn and also love Halloween and Guy Fawkes night. I am nostalgic at that time of year.

    I do love looking at autumn pictures online and count every day towards the start of autumn. The countryside is gorgeous at that time of year, too.


    I am not sure I have many (any?) halloween memories


    I do have some pretty good strobe lighting though, and some chains (which I like to rattle with the lights on to simulate someone in an asylum trying to get out of bed. lol!)


    I’ve never dressed up though. last year I became obsessed with the CBBC show ” last commander”, and insisted I dressed up as the robot, but soon changed my mind when I realised how much the costume hurt. lol


    sometimes I use latex on my arm for fake cuts, but it’s difficult to get off


    re: bonfire night, as a kid I’d go to the displays and watch the fireworks (and I love the smell of the bonfire). not been to a display in a few years though now


    if you’ve not figured it out, I love sharing stories and memories


    at any chance I get


    Having a roof over my head: because of having worked hard at my studies and by working, like a normal person.


    Not having an eating disorder or being overweight.


    Being able to dream.



    This morning I was grateful for the beauty of nature..[attachment file=”IMG_5175 – kopie.JPG”]


    Nature is truly beautiful, cassandra. Your photo is awesome and showcases the aesthetics of nature.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful picture.


    I’m thankful that I still have a job and am able to work from home full-time during this difficult time.

    Thanks for sharing that gorgeous picture, Cassandra!


    The nice weather so I caught up with all the washing lol.


    Nature is so beautiful at this time of year. Then again, nature is beautiful fullstop. I do love nature photography. This earth is wonderful: there is so much wildlife and so many amazing animals.

    No wonder TV nature programmes are so popular.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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