What is your favorite fashion style for an office job?

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    What do you wear at work?

    what would be nice to wear at work ( as HR manager)?


    In my last job I had to wear very practical clothes as well as looking presentable as my job involved going into many peoples houses and working with equipment, often at floor level, or in garages etc. Fairly heavy duty trousers (but not jeans) were the norm, with a fairly plain tunic top or shirt. There was a uniform for a while, but with cutbacks that went. Pretty unisex really.

    If I were an HR manager, I could imagine a variation of clothes depending on whether it was normal day to day wear or at a convention etc. I do remember at work, the difference of things I wore at external events. They would have to be in keeping though if I were a manager, as it is important to keep up standards. Not being a manager I worried less, and was able to be more me.


    I do have an office job and have 3 skirt suits and a couple of smart plain dresses for the Summer and a small selection of ” sensible shoes ” to wear. We do have visitors so casual clothes are not allowed, there is pressure on us ladies to be smart at all times ( I like to be anyway ” but slightly less so for the guys, moan moan !!


    Love a satin blouse, pencil skirt, matching jacket. Black leather heels of course


    That’s you all over Rhonda, dark and mysterious with style lol.


    never worked in office. my standard attire for interviews is minidress or mini skirt and tank top with skyscraper heels. 90% of time i wear shorts and t shirt barefoot in informal meetings.


    On my regular days I wear what I feel most comfortable in, I may not change out of my pajamas until midday.  One of the great joys of working from your home office is going to work in your bare feet.

    Sometimes I do have to go into my office, and our dress code is business casual.  Because of my title (vice president) I try to be a bit dressier, so I’ll usually wear a nice shirt, dress slacks, and dress sandals.  My boss lives half way across the country, and no one above me in my division works in my state, so no one’s even likely to know me.

    If I know I have visitors, like some sort of conference, I’ll wear close-toed shoes, I have a nice pair with about a three inch heel, a nice skirt, and a nice button-down blouse.  I’ll usually also wear my hair up, I feel I look more professional that way.

    I’d think as an HR manager, you should probably plan to dress at least one level above normal, so you create an air of professionalism and respect because of how important you are.

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    I work part-time in an office and also work at home. In the office I’ll wear smart trousers and top and sensible shoes. This sounds boring but other clothing is not acceptable in my office. At home, of course I’ll wear casual clothing. I’ll still get showered and dressed: I just don’t wear office attire.

    I do think it’s important to look smart and I may decide to wear a skirt , so I am not short on clothing.


    I posted this at another message board I’m a member of, under a topic “fun with filters.”  I feel it sort of applies here, this is a new outfit I bought for work (for when I need to go in to the office).  This is my first time ever actually wearing a pencil skirt, I thought they’d be too restrictive but this is actually nice and stretchy and surprisingly comfortable, I feel I’ll buy more from this same company.

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    Very nice, Mamie!  I would LOVE to be able to wear something like that!  Unfortunately, it would have to be a jacket and slacks with a nice blouse underneath the jacket and dressy but comfortable shoes.

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    My office is large kitchens and my dress code is in my German garb. and carring large knifes and even the guys move real quick and back out of my path being in charge of others 15 staff I have to know what I,m doing. sorry I cant load photos that’s beyond me so I,ll discribe ,   a long cream under skirt with a red over skirt with black trim  around the bottom its a flowing style and pulled up part way on one side,, I have a lower cut  blouse in white with a slightly darker trim short sleaves with an autumn  coloured short sleaved over jacket or  vest my head wear is cream and is sometimes in an Arabic style or Renaissance

    as I,m a member of The SCA world wide renaissance group 1400 – 1700 and I work in a few other large kitchens ,

    now so you all know I,m a major Dyslexic so when my spelling and grammar is kaput  youll understand I do have issue,s  writing,  danke.= thank you .


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    Very nice, Mamie! I would LOVE to be able to wear something like that! Unfortunately, it would have to be a jacket and slacks with a nice blouse underneath the jacket and dressy but comfortable shoes.

    Thank you!  Are you limited by your climate, or by your office dress code?  Before this year I always wore slacks when I needed to go in to my office, I’m getting a little more daring with skirts and I’m really starting to enjoy it.


    I love wearing skirts, Mamie: they’re gorgeous and perfect for summer. It is also wonderful to wear stylish shoes: I could look at shoes online forever.

    It’s good to look gorgeous at work.

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    No, Mamie… I’m limited by my ugly legs.


    I can totally understand what you’re feeling TestDummyCO, I wore slacks, or at least capris, for so many years for that exact same reason as you.  I’m particularly self conscious about my knees, I have permanent calluses that just look awful (in my photo you can see dark spots at my knees just below where my skirt ends).  I’m terrified people are going to see and judge me, imagining what activities I spend most of my day doing.  I’ve gotten better at using makeup to cover them up, they’re not as bad as a year ago, but I’m still nervous sometimes, but I’m a little more self confident than I was and not as afraid of judgement.  I also have horrible varicose veins on my ankles and on my left foot, but I still get by wearing sandals.  Sometimes I get an improvement from using self-tanner on my lower legs, but thanks to peoples’ support I’m just not worrying so much as I used to.

    Sometimes I still feel really nervous though. 🙁

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