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What is your favorite & least favorite thing about your job?

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    I am a recent retired Physical Therapist. My favorite part of the job was working and helping the patients while the least favorite part was the charting.


    Favourite – the social element of work.

    Worst part is having to get up in the mornings!


    Relaxed dress codes – I work in an all-female office, and we’re allowed to wear flip-flops, and I can walk about in bare feet in the summer; beats dress codes!


    I think I have said something like this before but my office has a loose dress code, that means women have to wear jacket, blouse and skirt and the guys always get away with jeans and any old shirt they found under a pile of old clothes. Peeved yes I am, however I do like to be smart for work so lose my argument there.


    I am with Mollypops here. Working in healthcare the social side was best and the writeups worst. Having to travel lots of miles was not good though. Having to often travel several hundred miles a week was tiring.


    I work in the recycling industry and I am responsible for keeping the recycling plants running. I really enjoy the physical work. Unfortunately there are just a few women working in this sector and sometimes  it’s a little hard to prevail against all the men.


    The best aspect: I love being creative and getting to make creative decisions all day.

    The worst aspect: the jealousy. There has been some of that, but I try to deal with it. Still, it is stressful sometimes.


    I’ve had several jobs during my working life, I enjoyed farming and taking my produce and artisan breads to market the most. The weather is the only thing to me about growing produce for sale that is a problem. I enjoy the atmosphere at the market and most customers are nice and appreciate the effort the growers go to to bring their products to market. With the virus though, I will no doubt just sell at my farm stand at the end of our lane this season.


    I am glad you have an outlet for your produce Butterfield8. I know it is a problem here with the smaller growers who normally use markets. The larger ones still have their systems in place. I hate seeing food go to waste, epecially better quality produce.


    if any of you working ladies have time to help me with my gender pay gap research i would really appreciate it


    thank you so much to everyone who decides to participate


    Your job is so important, Butterfield8: growing produce is a job that’s vital. Especially with the economic situation/coronavirus. People need people like yourself working to grow and sell the food. No one can afford to be without food in this epidemic.

    My grandfather in Ireland was a farmer: so I know a little about such things. He isn’t alive anymore but my own father taught me a few things about farming years ago. Again, your work is vital: food is vital.


Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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