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What is your favorite room in your home?

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    I live in a small apartment with just a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, den(study), and living room. And I would say my bedroom is my favorite place in the apartment. Apart from the obvious, I also love sleeping and my bed is very comfortable. I love in the evening lying on the bed and just reading sometimes to relax before I fall asleep.


    I’m in a small home, but my living room is the largest and brightest room in the house.


    My house has 5 bedrooms and finished basement, but I love my living room. Very bright and nice windows, it’s connected to my dining room and I get a lovely cross breeze. I spend most of my time here reading or relaxing when I’m not working.


    i probably spend 75% in bedroom, 10% in bathroom, 10% living room and 5% in kitchen. so bedroom is favorite by far.


    I also live in an apartment TearKnee. My favourite room is my bedroom. I have wallpaper-free, white painted walls and a pink carpet. It is such a gorgeous room: always with clean bed sheets. I love my apartment with its every room. I would not choose to live in a house. This apartment is home for me.


    I really couldn’t say. Each room to it’s time. I live in a three bedroom house, which is tinier than that would suggest, but is cosy.


    Oh my kitchen by far or my outdoor kitchen. I can spend hours a day in either kitchen and not feel like a minute is wasted. I’m in the process of remodeling my kitchen so it’s a bit cluttered at the moment but I love my new stove (two ovens, one is convection). I just got a new smoker for my outdoor kitchen also. Once the weather is above 65 you can bet I’ll be cooking outside.

    My office is probably my second favorite because I have a great view of my property and of the living room so I don’t miss out on anything going on no matter where my kids are.


    I live in an appartment. I spend lots of hours in my bedroom : there I have my bed, my computer, all that allows me to listen to music. But I also like my living room where I eat, and listen to television.
    In the morning, I appreciate my shower… Good water to awake me…


    I live in a very nice condo that has an outdoor balcony under a striped awning. I love sitting there in the morning wearing a robe, drinking coffee and reading the NY Times. On Sundays I add a bagel and lox to make it perfect- well I have to share the lox with Luciano- the cat.


    Give a big kiss to Luciano dear !


    I live in a 2 floor house! My favorite room is our living room as it has large glass doors so the sun is always shining and creates a warm lighted environment! I also have bird feeders, so watching the various birds fly by and enjoy a snack is always fun to do!


    Oh thank gawd I’m not the only one that enjoys spending majority of my time in my bedroom/relaxing in bed! Absolutely my favorite place in my place.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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