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    Here’s mine:

    1. Brush my teeth
    2. Take medication
    3. Eat my cereal
    4. Drink my caffetterie coffee
    5. Shower
    6. Put on the laundry
    7. Air out my apartment
    8. Take out the rubbish & recycling
    9. Wash up
    10. Go onto Facebook and other social media

    Over to you!


    Brush teeth

    wash face

    slip into dog walking clothes

    Drink 1 cup tea

    walk dogs

    feed dogs

    Shower and get into day clothes

    Upload/look at photos and social media

    Housework , washing shopping



    Get up

    Make breakfast

    Gentle excercises

    Log onto computer to check activity

    Eat breakfast

    Finish on computer

    Sort immediate rubbish and put out

    Teeth wash and dress

    Sort washing as required and peg out

    Morning walk (hopefully)

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    find discarded skirt suit

    eat cereal

    find shoes and give them a quick clean

    put on my make up

    tidy up bedroom quickly ( messy husband )

    check contents of handbag and throw out old tissues and empty lipstick

    finally search for my phone ( under the bed )

    exit house and realize I have a ladder in my hold ups !


    Lie in bed checking e-mails with cup of tea from hubby

    wander round house and realizing I need to do housework

    basically wear my nightie until I really have to get dressed and face the world lol.



    1. Shower
    2. Brush teeth
    3. Get dressed

    Sorry to bump up this thread! But I thought it would be relevant.

    I still love my morning routine. Although for the last week I’ve been getting up later than normal: I probably just need the sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night, too. Maybe the heat is just altering my sleep patterns? Is this happening to you guys? I mean, with lockdown, people do get to lay-in. But having my own sleep disturbed is affecting my mental health: I need my sleep to stay sane.

    What are YOU going through with your sleep patterns and the hot summer weather?


    At the moment Im going through hell, its all covids fault!  Just across the road from me is a small exclusive personal trainers. Normally Im fine with that they dont bother me but because of covid rules they are been allowed to offer small 1-1 lessons outside and for this they have put up and open ended tent. The problem is the wind gets under the roof section and it rumbles like a thousand drums when it catches the wind.


    It wakes us up and wakes the dogs so we are having to sleep with the window closed which is leaving us all stuffy and hot.

    Complaints are getting us nowhere the guys running the trainers are being total jerks and the council keep saying its only temporary but how long is temporary?

    I cant cope with too many more broken night and it isnt even proper summer yet!

    As for a lie in..I think I had one once back in 2003 .. seriously we dont do lie in’s,  routine is the best way to ensure healthy sleeping patterens.


    A bit iffy last night as it was pretty hot and humid, and I also heard an insect flying about which irritates me in case it is a mosquito. I was not sure so I went to sleep but found it this morning – it wasn’t. Normally though I am so tired that I sleep in minutes. I am generally in bed just after 11:00 🕚 and up by 07:30 🕢 (aside – when did these little clocks start appearing when writing a time? lol). I am used to getting up and don’t remember the last time I used an alarm clock although I do have one. With work, at one time I used to go over an hour early and do my own things before work proper. It started very early on when I was doing my OU degree work and  I never really stopped until they started getting aggressive with output, the modern trend, and being able to relax for a while before work proper was not an option. Latterly I was of the opinion that if I didn’t wakeup in time for work I was too tired or ill to work.


    I woke up at 10am today. I brushed my teeth, had a shower, put on a load of laundry, took out the rubbish & recycling, made myself a caffetterie coffee. I am now on the computer, working.

    I do like my morning routine: this is because I like order and structure in my life. I shall always be this way, in that sense.

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