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    Yes, although I too like all animals in general, I find cat owners are not very responsible too. I do keep them out of the garden, as far as possible, as we have a lot of wildlife. The previous people who lived next door, with the cat I mentioned talking too, actually had three cats. I think one of them eventually became a stray and was occasionally seen looking very skinny and ragged. People see cats as being nice and cuddly, which they can be with a trained house cat, but they have inherited predator instincts which make them antisocial unless controlled.

    I would have another dog but I do see animals in the wild as being the thing to support. When I walk around my pets are all around, living their lives naturally.


    Satin makes me happy


    Showering every morning makes me happy, as does using the computer daily.


    And wearing earrings.


    Looking out of the window when I get up and seeing the sun shining 🙂


    I really don’t think about being “happy”, I want to be lucky more than anything. I think with a little luck and some work anyone can be happy if they choose to be. I’m lucky to have a fairly healthy, loving husband and a son who is attentive to us in our old age. These things are important to me, so I guess that’s what makes me happy.


    What makes me happy?

    It’s quite simple for me. It’s knowing that I’m alive, content and safe.  I’m still reasonably fit and almost everything still works as it should do.

    I will explain my mantra to life and happiness.

    I suppose to look at what happiness is to you have to look at what makes you unhappy. Not being able to have kids anymore was quite a spanner in my works of life. I’m too old to seriously consider it but all the same, it was nice to know I could if I wanted to. Now going deeper. My first marriage. It was awful. I was abused Physically, Mentally, Financially. You name it it was part of that relationship. That kind of makes you realise what a precious moment happiness is and how simple being happy can be. if you just open yourself to it. Now whatever is thrown at me I always try to look at things from a more beneficial angle. Please no sympathy for my above words. It was in the past and that where I like to stay. My now partner is wonderful and treats me like a queen. I cannot ask for more than that.

    So I could name many things that can potentially make me happy but they all lead in there origin to my first paragraph.

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Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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