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What things do you buy on Internet?

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    Do you usually do Internet shopping? Or you only like to see what’s new?
    What things do you buy? Clothes? Jewelry? Cosmetics?
    Please, tell me! :)

    I usually buy things I can’t find in my town or even in my country, But slowly i got addicted to internet shopping, I buy bags, accesories or Clothes, things like that.

    So whats your choice…??


    Sometimes jewelry. Seldom clothes as I like to try things on before I buy. I look online then checkout the item in the shop. Probably foodstuffs is one of the main things. Herbs and spices particularly (bulk quantities are not readily available locally and the usual 30 or 100gram are expensive). Some sewing accessories and threads. Many other occasional items like books etc.



    I buy items from Amazon. Skirts from mainstream shops. Herbal supplements. Items from Boots and Lloyd’s Chemist. I mainly buy CDs and DVDs. I used to buy bras online, too, but have not done so for a while. Still, the Internet is my lifeline.


    Household items mainly and books from Amazon. Also some craft items can be a lot cheaper online.


    I am 50% internet purchases and 50% buy in shops. It just depends on my schedule and what I have time for or if I have a particular item I need then I might just search the internet for it.

    I do love going to shops and treating myself when I can!


    I buy the majority of my clothes from shops, rather than online. I do read fashion blogs, though. Oh: “Glamour” magazine is online now and won’t be in printed copy in 2018. I subscribe to the magazine and they sent a letter detailing this. It goes to show how important using a computer is. The world is definitely in the digital age now and the publishing world is adapting. Anyhow, do you read your favourite magazines online? [Not to hijack the thread!]


    I probably read far more online these days. I tend not to buy magazines, thinking books are better value. I often buy a few issues of a magazine, then change to another. After a while I find them repetative, and up to date things like fashion are far more readily checked out online.

    Thinking further about online – I do buy many craft and art things.


    I buy a lot from Internet. A big part of my internet purchase are clothes. I never afraid buy it online. Of course sometimes I had to return some items, if they aren’t fitted great on me. The best clothes I have ever bought was a leather jacket.


    I do like NEXT for their fashions. It has to be my favourite shop, actually. I do love clothes and would love to look more stylish. Anyhow, there is nowt wrong with buying clothes online! It saves the trip into busy shops. Internet shopping is where it’s at.


    I usually buy fashion accessories online. I also buy stuff that can be used at home.


    I buy from Amazon almost weekly! Books, cds, dvds, car seat, booster seat & I have a monthly subscription of household supplies. I’ll buy clothes from my fave stores, looking into ordering groceries too. I’m always looking for bargains!


    I’ve stopped buying CDs and DVDs: online and IRL. I now shall buy my music with Google Play and watch films on a streaming channel [although I have not done this yet]. I listen to all my music online now. I just don’t want the clutter. I borrow all my books from the library; although I could read with a Kindle, which I may do. No: I am sticking with digital these days.


    I love retro Kitty, so although I do occasionally listen to things online, I have a record player which I bought a few years ago, which is over 50 years old and lots of vinyl plus 78’s (I have that current advert music Sweet Georgia Brown on 78). I also listen to AM radio and occasionally FM (classical), but I hate digital radio. It sounds distorted to me. I often live in the past (at least the romantic bits lol).


    That’s cool, SpinningJen! You must love your retro record player! Those good old days of vinyl. I remember around the year 2000 I recorded onto tapes from vinyl. Those recordings were really good! I used my dad’s stereo system to do so. I did a good job. But, now, tapes are gone. I stick to old CDs and YouTube, etc. I absolutely LOVE music. I have done for years and years. I listened to Minnie Rippons “Loving You” on YouTube last night: what a beautiful voice and woman she had been. Anyhow, retro is definitely hip.


    I do purchase off of Amazon and it is usually things like electronics(Ear Buds) or some sort of replacement part for something that broke.

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