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What things do you buy on Internet?

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    Well, Amazon is one of my favorite brand. Buying online means saving time and money. So, I generally buy fashion accessories from the Internet. Accessories include wholesale designer sunglasses, watch and sometimes also buy some clothes.


    Amazon is the best, I reckon. They have such a swift service and their goods are seldom/never damaged. I stick with them.

    Also, PayPal is a really good way to pay for items over the Internet safely and securely. I’d recommend anyone use that service.


    I buy shoes from Zappo’s online because they almost always have my size. Most shops stop at a 10.  Just this winter I bought a bullet bra from Secrets in Lace- Wow, this is a female power trip if there ever was one.


    For the most part, I prefer to make my purchases in store. I order gifts and other special occasion items from Amazon, I order books from Thriftbooks, and I’m not sure if it counts but I trade clothes/cosmetics on a site called rehashclothes. That about does it for my internet shopping.


    I’ve had tremendous luck buying shoes through Zappos.  I wear a size 10, which isn’t that hard to find in stores; however, Zappos offers a lot more styles/brands/colors than even the best shoe departments/stores.  Also, I don’t have to spend hours driving around to find what I’m looking for.

    I also buy at Amazon when search results for an item indicate I can’t find it locally.


    Hi Testdummy- I too am a zappo’s fan. I wear an 11B which most shops do not stock. Zappo’s almost always have them and they have a wonderful return policy. So I’m happy.


    Back in 2010, I had pretty good luck ordering a custom gown online.  I’m now awaiting a custom made leather blazer from a different site.  We’ll see how that goes.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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