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What time do you call this?

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    The clocks went forward this morning, I have been cheated out of an hours sleep.

    Urky purky!

    How about the rest of you, are clocks moved all around the world and for why?


    Queensland do not move their clocks but other parts of Aus do the day light saving thing & it puts me out with phoning grandkids because new south wales go one hour ahead for 6 or 7 months through summer etc & i thibnk to phone them about 7pm but then remember it is 8pm at their home & it would be bath time as well as homework & bed but I think they move clocks back after Easter so all will be good again lol


    Nope here in Africa we do not observe DST..


    Daylight saving time, indeed!

    I have a stack in my loft that I have saved, are they ever coming to collect it, or what??? 🙁


    What was an hour in the grand scheme of things? LOL. Still, I would’ve liked that hour in bed back!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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