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What to do on days off of work?

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    Okay everyone, I have a bit of a situation that I could use some assistance with.

    I have a part-time job at a smoothie place and it’s great and all, but my issue has to do with when I’m not working. School is out for the summer right now, so that leaves me with just work and a lot of extra time on my hands. My question is: What should I do when I have days off of work? I need things to fill my time other than fiddling around on my phone and the computer. Those things can be fun and entertaining, but only to an extent. Now I’m finding myself getting bored of both modes of entertainment and not having much else to do it exhausting.

    The reason I have to ask any of this at all is because in the very recent past, I had been battling with very severe depression, and two of the symptoms of my depression was a loss of interest in activities as well as fatigue. So, for the most part, I would spend most of my free days confined to my bed and not doing much to entertain myself. I was miserable, truth be told. But now I’m on medication to treat the depression and things are looking better for me now than they have been in a long time. Still, though, I’m struggling to find ways to occupy my time since I haven’t done much except sleep through my boredom for the past few months/years (not sure how long since it’s a hazy blur to me now).

    I think what I’m going to do is try to compile routines for myself to do every day (one for the morning, one for the night), then use the empty gaps between my routines to try and do things to occupy my time. I’m thinking that maybe I could try making more of an attempt to read and maybe watch some TV during my free time. But what else should I do? Anything that doesn’t involve heavy shopping would be great to suggest! I say that detail about shopping, by the way, because I am a college student and I need to remember to save my money rather than go shopping every free day that I have. Anyways, thank you all in advance for any suggestions that you may have and I can’t wait to hear your replies!


    Reading would be a good thing.  Have you looked into meetups in your area?  Also, there’s no shortage of charities who depend on volunteers.


    swim, dance, hang with friends, club, drink, get high, sunbathe, surf, shop, eat, and chat mostly


    You could volunteer for a charity. This could range from anything: making tea for the elderly/doing general admin/working in a charity shop.

    You could go swimming and attend an aqua aerobics class. You could go to a museum/the cinema/lunches out/join a book group/take up yoga/join a walking group/take up biking/attend football games/play tennis.

    These are all off the top of my head, but I do hope I’ve helped!


    A lot of good suggestions have been made, but not the one which worked with me so I will suggest. I started art, painting and drawing. I did do lessons, which when they ended (due to government cutbacks) we class members started our own art group. It gets me out meeting people I would not otherwise meet and to places I would be unlikely to go. I was very nervous at first as I was not good at drawing, but now really enjoy it. I know there are many art groups over here, so maybe that is the same where you are. I don’t know your background, but for me it was good to do something different.


    Hello ! Try to belong to Christian groups, or women’s groups in your area. Think of Aglow, Fondacio, any other Christian group, try to join a choir : it’s not so expensive.
    Try to meet a Church home group : beautiful way to make friends.
    Listen to music : it’ll make you feel good as well.
    All my love !


    Hi CurlyCutie!

    I read in our personality thread that you’re extroverted, so a lot of my introvert ideas probably won’t help you.  Maybe you might like joining some sort of activity?  I know my local library has groups that meet regularly for all sorts of things, and I’m pretty sure they’re free.  You can have fun, meet people, and even learn new things and pick up skills.  A lot of book stores have game nights and things like that, which could be fun.  My suggestions are for if you’re extroverted, you might need interactions with other people to feel better and energized.  I generally don’t do those things myself because I’m rather shy and I get most of my social needs met from playing around on the internet. 🙂

    I do hope you have a fun summer!


    You are right Mamie. I work in a Library is well, and we organize activities so visually impaired people can meet each other.
    Love xxx


    Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I ended up compiling a pretty good list of things to do and used some of your suggestions as well, so thank you again!

    Today I ended up doing some of what I wrote on my list, mainly reading a book and doing some exercise as well as eating healthy and, honestly, I feel better already. Not as weighed down by the feeling of boredom at all. Hopefully I can keep having days like this.


    Congratulation Curly ! Go on higher and higher !


    Hello sweet lady!

    I will tell you my favorite activities and hope you will enjoy some of these you too.
    1. I love visiting art exhibitions, theaters, concerts, movies in my free time, many of them have free entrance or donation entry.
    2. Secondly, it’s great going for a walk (nature, city, parks, beach). I also exercise a little bit every day at home, or I swim in the summer.
    3. Thirdly, I love trying new recipes, as it is creative, good for health and cheap. It is also nice to cook for somebody else.
    4. The last one sounds more like advice, but I honestly talk to you with love. If I were you, I would learn something new that would give me a benefit to my career. If I could go back in time to when I was a student, I would do it differently. Now, you have free time, but later in your life, you might have the opposite problem. So it would be nice to prepare yourself for the next step. Learn something that will make you exceptional good in your field.


    I was glad to help, CurlyCutie! I hope you enjoy your bucket list.


    The things people said about volunteering is always a good idea, weather you have a lot of free time or just a 5 minutes. You can always make somebody’s day better.

    I would also suggest doing something for yourself if this is overwhelming. Whenever I feel that I’m in a rut, I like to start larning something (or continue, if I did it before and had to stop because of lack of time) or start working out, something like that. One of my recent projects is learning how to ride a skateboard. It always seemed as a lot of fun, and then I saw these http://www.pennyskateboards.com/uk/ and fell in love with their design. And you know what – I’m not that bad at all.

    I’m not saying you need to do exact same thing that I did, but if you find something that you really enjoy, it’s not only gonna be there for one summer, you’re going to enjoy it for a long time, and it will help you go through a lot.

    Hope I helped! 🙂

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    Well, dear, what a choice ! No more time for sleeping !


    I think finding an all consuming passion is a good thing. I like:

    cookery/creative writing/reading/walking/etc.

    I do believe finding a hobby you’re passionate about does give you personal power. If you feel proud of something you’ve achieved, then you tend to compare yourself less with other people. There is the FOMO, but being able to love cooking or painting boosts self confidence and lessens others power over you. I find this with creative writing. Doing something you love – like painting – stops you wanting to lie in bed all day. I think this is key to living an all consuming life.

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