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    Have you either ever heard, read, saw, and why/not part of it as well.

    Here they are with the exact titles to them and my part why/not of it as well.

    “Remember the Ladies”, Celebrating Those Who Fought for Freedom at the Ballot Box, Angela P. Dodson, 2017.

    Have yet to start even reading this particular one, but again I’m 2nd thoughts whether/not that I should bought it in the 1st place.  Since it appears to be stuff in there that I already know for a quite bit of time.

    It’s Up to the Women, Eleanor Roosevelt (Mrs. Franklin D. aka Delano Roosevelt) Introduction by Jill Lepore, 1933/2017.

    I’m already finished with this one and have to say that its pretty much relevant today as to when it was originally came out.

    Women Who Work:  Rewriting the Rules for Success, Ivanka Trump, 2017

    I’m only just wondering because I just started to read the book above this one.  I’m currently rethinking my decision to even buy and read this one.  Since it appears to me to be originally, but then unoriginally as well.  In which this also applies to even if I whether I finish the book itself.


    We had the suffragettes movement here in the UK in the early 1900s fighting for equality. There are plenty of books about this era that could be of interest,


    Throughout history, women have been treated like second class citizens. Women work hard: they clean the home, they look after the children. Yet some men still have no respect. It really makes me angry. Women still are paid less than their male counterparts in the workplace. My sister is a heroine in that department: she works full time at an accounting firm. She drives. She’s well-traveled. She is excellent cook. She would NEVER allow a man to beat her. She is the modern woman and a role model. Women should be like my sister. Because women have worked hard to be respected and to have an equal place in society to men. Men don’t make the rules: women should have an equal say. Women are where it’s at.


    Well said KitKatKitty! Why do women have to perform better than men to gain any sort of respect (which is usually resentment). You should be judged on your merits not the sex you are.

    Women could function without the help of a man but I’m not sure it would work the other way around.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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