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what would you do?

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    The way gambling goes it is pretty much a no-win situation for the punter. I remember, a few years ago, someone under 16 won a large amount on the lottery but was not able to claim it as it was illegal. As far as I know the organisers / shop were not prosecuted for selling him a ticket illegally though. I dare bet (see the pun?) that the money never went to compensate victims of crime either (although I think it may have gone to charity). There was a case recently in which ‘Bet Fred’, I think, had issues with someone who had won a lot of money online. It seems to have gone quiet now though. Cover up? They said a computer glitch had happened and he had not really won. There are some big winners but companies never pay out any money they have not got and the owners are the real winners.

    In this case, if she were ever found out, which is highly likely, she would have ended up in court and a probable suspended sentance at the least, as well as having to pay back any winnings. I would probably hand them back as the posties get so much grief, from their own management perhaps more than from disgruntled customers. From my take on gambling though I would be well tempted to burn them.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now but you get my feelings on how corrupt things have become.


    Talking of unpaid winnings: one of my poetry books “Gobbledegook” is doing really well online. Yet I have not received a single penny. AND Lulu.com have a percentage of royalties for each copy of each published book sold. Now I don’t know why I have not gotten any royalties. It is something I shall chase up.

    Back to the story: things are corrupt. And – unfortunately – will always be so. It isn’t right and it isn’t fair. But I hope justice is served.


    Well the judges ruled in favour of the the person who won the huge winnings. He had apparently had to do all sorts to contest the case. I hope all his expenses were paid too. These betting giants can afford it. Stil it does go to show that betting can well be the mugs game it is said to be.


    Not worth it… Best to earn money by hard work and then save it up!


    As I always say: easy money is never easy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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