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    I am having roast chicken today


    with crispy skin.. the best part


    boiled bacon joint today with roast potatoes and veg.

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    Leftover ribs, sweet potato and salad.


    Unusually it was a bit fast foodish yesterday with crispy pancakes, but with potatoes and veg.


    Today it is more snackish with spratts and garlick toast.


    grilled chicken fies


    another chickin recipie that I’ve not yet tried, but about to..


    Ive made a minced beef pie but its with puff pastry and you roll it like a swiss roll cake.. one of OHs favourite  things.


    Veggie Grill

    Craving the Mac and cheese yum yum !!


    I’ll cook dinner this week , looking for new recipes .


    Roast pork with potatoes and veg.


    Butterflied chicken stuffed with mozarella and wrapped in ham. This will be served with pasta and grated cheese.

    I am rather looking forward to dinner!


    peperoni pizza


    Homemade vegetable soup today. Along with my favourite garlick toast.




    and I’m super excited about it. I love fridays just for that reason


    Ive been at the hospital with my friend this afternoon ..Im the wheelchair pusher and driver!

    Tonight an easy dinner, homemade chicken soup and french bread.. yum


    Potato pie, ( mashed potato with grated cheese and marmite ) baked in the oven and eaten with peas and crusty bread. Yummy

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    Can I come over to yours, mikki?

    I’ll order the wine!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 134 total)

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