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    Another cheesy idea tonight: grilled cheese sandwiches, plus a plate of raw veggies. Yum!

    I bought yams so we can make them into Friday fries for tomorrow. Probably with chicken nuggets. 🙂

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    roast duck with homemade yorkshire puddings


    however: the yorkshires look more like little round bullets than actual yorkshires


    ah well: the taste test later will confirm everything


    Hope they tasted great! We had burgers last night so the middle guy could try onions in the form of onion rings. (There’s a ton of food I would stink at making, so restaurants help!) I’m so proud of him for trying so many new foods lately! Curiosity over comfort!

    Tonight will be soup for a quick-prep supper. I have chicken noodle (the Campbell’s Chunky kind is our fave of the canned variety) and also a pea soup. I’m debating whether to open minestrone just for me, since I get tired of those other two flavours, but the kids haven’t yet…


    Minced beef for me today. Probably fried with onions and maybe a few mushrooms. Potatoes with veg and gravy.

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    Hmm, gravy!

    I’m making linguine and steamed carrots right now. Since we had a holiday yesterday, we’ve shifted things a little. I’ll get back on track tomorrow since it’s Whatever Wednesday. 😉


    rare steak with garlic bread


    Rotini tonight. Yummy!


    Liver and onions today!



    I probably should have liver now and then for its iron content, but… no. 😉

    I was tired after almost a full day of phone meetings regarding the kids’ school progress and things we can do as we finish out the year. Even after having an energy bar, I was a bit shaky and didn’t think I’d be able to deal with making supper. Instead, I ordered two adult meals from a local restaurant so we could split them between the four of us. We’ve got some salad left for tomorrow and also half the dessert. (Not the smartest thing to add to a meal when you suspect your blood sugar was affected that day, yet no ill effects so far!) Let’s call all of that a reward for the kids and me, after having our usual routine interrupted so much. 😉

Viewing 9 posts - 151 through 159 (of 159 total)

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