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what's for dinner?

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    Pasta tonight. I don’t think I’ll have the energy for lasagna, so maybe just fusilli and carrots. I’ve got chicken legs for tomorrow and a BBQ glaze… Yum yum!


    Liver and onions today with veg and potatoes!



    I think we might do pancakes tonight because we’ve got a chocolate chip cookie dough dip recipe that would be good with it… 😀


    Mackeral today with garlick toast.


    I think we might do lasagna today. We make a simple version because there’s no consensus on having meat or spinach, plus we only use whole wheat pasta here and we also have to substitute a cheese alternative. So we take the whole wheat lasagna noodles, spread pasta sauce, and then use the shredded “cheese” as the rest of that layer. It tastes delicious, though every so often I would love to eat regular lasagna made by someone else (so there’s less labour for me, hee hee).

    I’ll probably also have some kind of salad with the lasagna, or a plate of raw veggies. 🙂


    I love whole wheat pasta, Rebecca!  Alas, it’s French Onion Soup for me tonight.


    I love French Onion Soup but seldom have it. When I make soup I put all sorts in it so it does not really follow any recipe. Today it is a repeat of Sunday. Pretty much a Full English Breakfast with sausages, black pudding, eggs, fried potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes but with the addition of fried Okra which is not English lol. Not a very healthy dinner but I bought a large pack of sausages which were reduced at the weekend and thought a change would be good.


    I felt too hungry to actually cook last night, but it ended up taking longer to order sub sandwiches (and a wrap for me) by app and then pick it up – it was supposed to be ready by the time I came to pick it up, but it wasn’t even started. Booo. It was good food, though!


    I ordered takeout from the Costa Vida near my current work site.  They are offering stuffed avocados for a limited time, plus I didn’t have time to cook.  Neither did my husband because I need the kitchen for baking a cake this evening.


    It’s my takeout of the week again today. Fish and chips! yum yum 🙂


    Tonight will be linguine and steamed carrots. I also made carrot muffins this morning, so maybe I should try for a carrot-themed day. 😉


    Carrots sounds good 🙂 I have some chicken today but am not 100% sure how I will do it. I’ll probably put a carrot in somewhere lol



    Might make toad in a hole today. Yum yum!


    I have just got some mackeral out of the freezer to defrost. Simple mackeral with garlick toast today.


    I’ll probably do Fish Friday here as usual. While it’s usually just me for that meal, the oldest will probably appreciate it, and the other two boys could make something of their own.

Viewing 15 posts - 166 through 180 (of 193 total)
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