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what's for dinner?

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    I think it’s a soup and sandwich day. Just gotta make sure we have all the ingredients!


    I have some diced pork for today so just need to think up an intersting way to use it. Perhaps a nice stew?


    Yum, stew! Need to learn how to make some!

    I’ll have fish for Friday night dinner. Last night was a spaghetti dinner from the church, but I made a ham wrap to go with the Caesar salad. (Boo to white wheat pasta being the norm!)


    I just go and put things together. Mostly it works these days but I have had my moments lol


    Tonight we are grilling burgers and hot dogs. I’ll make pasta salad, garden salad and corn on the cob too. Dessert if we want any will probably be ice cream.


    That sounds delicious, Denise!

    I was actually out of fish last night, so I made an omelet instead. Must remember to put fish on the grocery list!

    Tonight will be sandwiches. I like easy weekend dinners (unless someone else cooks for me – then it can be more complicated LOL).


    I grabbed a premade Chicken Caesar salad today, so that was our supper. Very good! 🙂


    Minced beef today but I have not quite decided how to have it.


    We had popcorn chicken and veggies. Yum!


    Veggie soup yesterday. Something simple 🙂


    I cooked rice this morning while the kitchen was cooler, so we’ll put some meat option and a plate of raw veggies with that. I use the electric skillet a bunch in the summer heat, so it may be used today.


    Fish and chips today 🙂


    I didn’t want to cook for my Fish Friday, so I grabbed a can of sockeye salmon and made that up with regular mayo and a bit of garlic aioli. I did the usual veggies up, but let them cool while I was preparing the salmon.

    I foresee a lot of sandwiches and salads in our meals in the near future, to deal with the heat! 😉

Viewing 13 posts - 181 through 193 (of 193 total)
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