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    Its cold , its wet, its awful outside … Sounds like the perfect day for beef stew and dumplings.



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    That sounds nice Cassandra. Yesterday I finally had Seabass salad. Today it is Sprats with garlick toast.


    Mmmm… Autumn soups are wonderful!  Hubby is making split pea soup today.


    I am having buffet food tonight.


    so a mixture of things.. little sausages, little pizza, chicken on sticks.. think their’s garlic bread too


    I want sure till I saw a mention of soup. That’s what we’ll do tonight! I’ve got chicken noodle, pea soup, and minestrone. Lots of choice for four different appetites!


    After a quick cheat yesterday, tinned chicken soup, although with added fresh mushrooms, it is fish again today. I think I have some old tinned tuna to which I shall cook up with this and that for a tasty meal.


    Attach of luxury here today I managed to get a couple of venison steaks and I will cook some nice potatoes and vegetables to go with them

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    Friday fish and chip time again!


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    salmon and hash browns

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    Well I’m not sure what’s for dinner tonight. I hope it’s better than yesterday. We were on the road and settled for fast food. I am hoping my husband takes me out for something good. We are at the beach so I’m hoping for fresh seafood. I cook everyday back home, time for the hubs to treat me😉


    I’ve never had dumplings in my beef stew. Sounds good!

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    We had beans for Tuesday supper, and right now all three boys like them! Yay! Yummy with toast.

    Wednesday will probably be soup, and I might remember to steam some broccoli while it’s fresh.


    It’s proably soup for me too today as it is our art group so only biscuits at lunchtime, unless someone brings cake like last time, and tea is a bit rushed.


    I  am making chicken pasta with a creamy sauce tonight.


    Fish Friday again! Probably with green beans tonight. And some kind of dessert: cookies or ice cream or a mug cake…

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 93 total)

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