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    Anything good happen the weekend!

    I had a great (not) Sunday… developed a tummy bug – will spare you the details 😆

    Spent all day on the couch….. reading, watching movies…… not a scrap of food passed my lips – not good, I love nibbling on popcorn, biltong, crisps (sigh)


    I lost two pounds, found a long lost game and organised a wish list for the relatives to use


    Did you lose two pounds as in money or weight!

    I tell ya, after my little episode yesterday, I feel as I have lost as many in weight 😆


    Weight and it’s something I am ecstatic about lol

    I didn’t know you can retain water when you ovulate, same as your monthlies so I nearly had a fit when I saw I’d gained 4 lbs last Monday, but it’d dropped off my Wednesday and there has been a further two lbs since then. So it’s 4lb total in the last three weeks which has made me quite happy 🙂

    Also, tummy bugs are evil mean monsters. Hate being sick!


    I am so happy for you…. this is fantastic news Papillio…. at this rate you will down to your ideal weight in no time.

    Oi, you can say that again… worst of all, I had absolutely no meds in the house to speak of…. no pharmacy in this little town! Eventually, I found one myprodol which probably had expired ages ago…. needless to say had little or no effect whatsoever lol


    WOW… It’s Friday yet again lol…. Geesh the weeks are flying by.

    We left Ponta yesterday for Umhlanga which is down the north coast on the S.A. side. Franco needed to collect our Mozzie machine and thought we would do a little shopping of supplies; I also want to start on the kids Xmas wish list and see if I can pick up on some gift ideas for the adults.

    and you….


    My weekends are usually started by Thursday. 😉 I have been shopping and picked up a bra and a couple of dresses in the sales. Regretfully, I will have to hand them over for my xmas. %-P


    Just a question, is anyone else having any problems logging on, it would not even bring up the website for me this morning and posting, it seems to be taking me forever to do anything, that little tab thingy just spins and spins.


    I had that yesterday, or was it the day before?

    At one point it would not open at all, andwhen I went on up or down, it told me the site was down. Then when I closed the up or down tab, there was female forum sitting there waiting???

    Still sluggishly slow though.



    It is terribly slow isn’t it. Well I feel a bit better knowing its not just me.


    I’ve been having trouble with a new extension and to troubleshoot takes a lot of resources – but things should only have been slowing down for a short amount of time.

    Let me know if it’s more of a persistent issue.


    It’s better than what it was Martin, but It’s still slow yet when I want to post a reply and to get on and read a previous posting, and also when I click on submit post.

    I thought I was going to have to try and PM you to see if something was going on, I was thinking that could take some time. :grrr:


    Seems a bit better this morning. 🙂


    Other than being slow, I haven’t had any problems… I was cursing the internet lol


    I couldn’t get on at all this morning.

    Upordown.com said it was down.

    Is there no facility for us to find out if there is a problem?

    I used to be on a group who had an emergency yahoo account so we could find out if there were problems.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 431 total)
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