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    Oh why did’nt I think of tiles hehe I do know exactly how long they take to lay
    I love tiles, especially here because of sand etc but I also love timber floors, my daughter has them as does my sister, my daughter had hers all polished & bought up like new & my sister lives in our grandparents home which have those gorgeous dark polished floors


    Good choice Kam.

    I went for the boring white plastic jobs Lauren. After all that debating Franco said lets stick with what we know… he is such a bore at times. lol


    I am planning to go to gym this week and burn some calories 🙂


    That’s good Alexa! I don’t use a gym, just try to work things into my lifestyle.


    Walking is best! We have a home gym but my hubby is the one who is using it.


    thats really cool one for a child https://goo.gl/y9fcrV


    I do a LOT of walking. I also enjoy fun dancing. I have done the odd bit of yoga. I played a football game a few months ago: it was loads of fun. I also have enjoyed trampolining in the past. I am very good at tennis. Actually, I have not played for a long while, but tennis is a very exciting game to play. Exercise should be enjoyable, even though it takes a lot of energy. Keeping active is, obviously, very important.


    Don’t I know it! I have not done anything too energetic for only a short period of days but I am beginning to feel very lethargic. I need to get out and walk at least. I shall do today!



    I do think exercise should be fun, not duty. Unless you’re an athelete! Plus, a person could always exercise with a friend. Keeping active IS important, but it’s OK to sometimes want to sit on the sofa. There is certainly no law that says a person must always be active!


    Definitely agree it should be fun so doing it with someone else is really good. I go to a class and it’s really encouraging. I don’t think I would put the effort in if I was doing it alone.


    Exercising on your own is very lonely and it can be hard to motivate yourself. I tried going to the gym a few years ago, but no one encouraged me and it felt lonely. I have done aqua fit, which I enjoyed. Actually, that is a lot of fun. I’ve also tried yoga, football, line dancing, trampolining and tennis. I do a lot of walking and have done running. Swimming is relaxing, so I like that. But I don’t force myself to do things I don’t want to do. I do like being in a group when exercising.

Viewing 11 posts - 421 through 431 (of 431 total)
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