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What's Your Personality?

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    I am left handed so like you Jen use my other hand to write things down and use the mouse with my right hand.


    I am right handed. This means I eat with my fork at the dinner table with my right hand.

    I write this, because as a child I was scolded for doing that. I was told “It should be your left hand you hold your fork with.” Of course I didn’t listen and just did as I wanted. Nowaways I’m left alone for this at the dinner table!


    I think in the past there were standards of ettiquette that our parents adhered to, now just about anything goes.


    I’m a former Army brat, so I’ve had to adapt to any situation.  I’m more of a “go with the flow” person until I discover a way to improve things.

    I’m left-handed as well, but I don’t think I was born that way.  I fell from a fourth-floor window when I was 18 months old and suffered a severe concussion.  I lost and had to re-learn all my motor skills.  About 20 years ago, I came across an old copy of a medical record entry that stated “mother says that child now prefers her left hand whereas there wasn’t a preference before the accident.”

    My workstation preference is to have my mouse on the left.  I’ve never used the option to switch the left-click and right-click options.  Whenever I’m working on other workstations, like when I do installs, I keep the mouse on the right so that I can quickly copy/paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V) commands into various windows with my left hand.

    My mother is German.  As such, I was raised to eat the “European” way…fork in left hand, knife in right hand…and keeping it that way.  This works out well for me because it’s easier to stabilize with the left and cut with the right.  I still eat this way, and it might be considered bad table manners in the US, but I really don’t care.  The American way of eating is fork in left, knife in right, cut one bite-sized piece, put knife down, switch fork to right and take a bite…highly inefficient.

    I’m more sensitive on my right side than my left.  As such, my right eye is more dominant, having better aim with a BB gun or rifle on my right.  BTW, my only experience with this is in carnivals and the one time I used someone else’s rifle to shoot some cans over 30 years ago.

    Growing up, I’ve always adapted to the world around me, with “right-handed” desks and scissors, etc.  Growing older, some things became obvious, like can openers or power tools mentioned earlier.  I never really thought of things being designed for left-handed or right-handed people until I visited a store years ago called “Lefty’s” in Indianapolis.  I left there (pardon the pun) with a coffee mug stating “EVERYONE is born right-handed.  Only the GREATEST can overcome it.”  In my case, that is probably true.  🙂


    I love what is written on your mug Testdummy very apt, I think we are privileged to be left handed as I think we have a different view on life in general. Problem solving and puzzles are I find my forte as a left handed approach often finds new ways of doing things.


    I am glad you recovered from the fall well Testdummy. It seems fairly common among the young as I have come across several such occurrances over the years.

    My preference is for things to be made ambidextrous as, although principally right handed, I do think how I can do things efficiently so may be holding two things at once. I do not defer to inhereted limitations if I can.



    Oh Heck….

    Being born different made things in some ways harder, first 10 years of my life was not normal  , i spent a lot of time in the sick house, was never told why, up to age  5  was burnt right side of face,  and  till age 10 i have so little memory so i relied on Mom to tell me things so i dont know wether i saw things or Mom told me ,

    allso i,m a Major Dyslexic  could not spell write add or learn school work i was just dumb and slipped through the floor board,s   went to four  different school,s  1 st i never knew i went there and a Lady from school told me i did 1952 Oamaru North  she gave me the info and photo,s , 9 month,s only as we  had to move,

    Because the man who was meant to be Mom,s husband and meant to be my father allmost killed us by strunglation so we fled and started a new life, so my mind shut down and  i had amnesia,  some other things effected myself  dont ask i have no memory , it was horrific  , another school  no 2 Bamford  school  and did not learn so was sent to school no 3 Philpstown  for learning disability,s  lol,s ,,,,,oh yes and even they could not work me out . the 2nd head master  got some things right so off to wood work extre class,,s  oh how neat,,,, i was doing other boys work for them they were 3 years older nope could not do what i could  i liked language and that was neat Egyptian now i could read  Hyroglifics  sorry cant spell  so there were a few things i had a mind for just not a lot,

    One issue was  had they known i was a girl yeap…. boys would beat me up  now heres the thing i had been trained to fight so i could have taken the 4 and 5 boys down my issue was /is  i would not have stopped at that i would have killed them …. WHY….i have what my father had  a rage / he. could not control, and i knew had i taken those boys down i would have been in so much trouble and for a girl to do that ……. just think at age 10 -11. so i played dead, i used to run from them and hide in the girls room  clothe,s room and cover myself so was not seen  , the boys were …NOT … aloud in there so this was my safe place,  the other girls did not tell or say any thing, so this  girl was born a girl just with abnormality,s who was passed as a boy,i,m an intersexed female, so being different was  and had it,s moments in many way,s.

    And i had to be quiet and never say  because in the 1950,s i would have been taken to the sickhouse  or NutHouse, |Mom told me something about a ? i asked and was …..OH WOW…. i knew then  when my memory started coming to a place i could learn  knew i can never say what i am,  so i lived and was seen like as a boy,  some people did know i was female never said till many years later,

    sport if it was softball i was a pitcher   hard and fast,  just was two good so i was canned told i cant play ….oh…. and i am a left hander,the boys did not wont me playing with them ether, so they say throw like a girl ….. oh….  had they known so i did,till i was tired of that and swing around and do a lefty then got told off step back 20 feet and again and again ,  trouble  when your good at some thing you get canned, oh well,   boy,s..

    Then to High school 1960 – 63   our school was made up of Millitary staff,  so was put in the NZ Navy  and trained for the Drum core,that was good so i am very disiplined  very ordered  and really enjoyed how it was for me  , so when things got tough i retreated in to my Millitary training  and took the flack and worked through the detail so  still do when needed,

    When i left 4 th  school  CTC – Christchurch Tech Collage  i was 2nd to top in my section as it was a trade,s school as well for both young men and women .

    Because i am  expreanced in my fields  i do hold rank and take control of many detail,s entrusted to me  i have people work for me at different time some contract and other, is for free, in one section i have my crew with me when i need them  other,s i have 15 people work for me i have 2 cook,s and two other,s and we can feed / do large meals for 130 people ,  and 15  with me at other dinner,s or what ever i,m called on to do,

    So from a |Millitary point of view i,m incharge and the Boss,.

    So i get on with other,s i,m very caring dont abide fool,s yet kind  sometimes i,m tough and will put my rank on the line  as i,m the one who has to take the flack if some thing goes wrong  so i take what i do very seriously  and look after my crew,

    Hope you enjoy this and gives insights as to who i am,  i,ll write some more, later,

    mein name ist.   = in     German.


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    @noeleena as a mother my heart cries for the child you were, so confused, so shut down, never able to explore and discover your true self.


    But what I see coming from that is a person rising like a phoenix rising from the ashes being a strong confindent person who knows herself and what she wants..




    Evening ,

    Next part , this is only what women can understand .

    Born with out my womb,and sexual organ,s , i knew i would never be able to have and carry my own child or children  i allso knew sexually this was going to be an issue  from age 11 0n , it did not interest me at all till age 24 well age 23 i quess, i had a few friends who were girls and got on well with them  just nothing sexual i treated girls as sister,s and i was happy that way  so being intersexed and a female put me in a state of any thing sexual was goverened  by what happened to me very early on  and how i saw boys and men  in fact hated them  to the point i did not wont any thing to do with them at all,

    Interestingly  i did have 6 lovely friends who were much older than i two were married  and other 2 were going to they took me under their wings  so my time with them was lovely .

    Okay  because my hormones are different  and i have both set,s male and female and strangly they do work together  so very few of us have that detail in some ways has been good and in other,s   there were things that held me back  though i will say i had disadvantages and advantages, and really i needed both just was a fact and i knew i needed, looking at this female with out clothes on body wise i look no different from many females, as far as it goes,i have my vagina in part clit and labia,s  just no opening inside,  so sexually i,m a non event, no organs and like many i,m one out of every 7000 females born like this and we have other detail  so i know what they go through. so i like other,s needed to have corrective surgery,s  i can have more if i need  …JUST…. Hmmmm…..at 73 whats the point no guy in my life , i,m sexual in my own way  just not good enough for a guy.  thats the bottom line, any way.

    I had to work and i enjoyed working in my fields of trade, and with men one firm i was with  at the time my foreman and his mate treated me  differently from the other guy,s did they know i was female i,ll never know i never hid what i was even though i never let on  still for all that i got on well with them . many other guys i struggled with as i did not understand them and found it very hard going after some time i settled down  and learned to do my work ,  Music was my main stay and playing in the Navy Brass Band  flip i was the only female and in uniform  oh well , mattered not i was doing what i needed to do in our day young men and women were dressed much the same  , later it would have been a different uniform  pure white and lovely  ….OH  YES…. still, miner detail .now i,m with our Orchestra   so still playing,

    Family,   Mom passed away over 40 years ago , at that time well about a year before  i met a young lady who who was dressed a little bit different from how Mom thought a young girl should  70- 80.s and how i met her was Mom and i had a friend who knew her so i said to Mom ask sister Hood to bring her out we lived 40 miles away so she did,  Jos  = Jocelyn   female of cause, is 5 / 1/2 years younger  so we got on well and a few months later  we were married    how come if im an intersexed female  my birth documents were wrong  so i was tagged as a boy,  Lol,s,,, ya well , so  after our we will get together  i knew if we did not get married soon Mom would not be with us , so 3 months 12 days later Mom passed away, we were together for 35 years  and Jos gave birth to our 3 children  the 4 th we lost,   i shut down could not talk about it ,it hit me so hard,  the reason is because i could not have my own child ,


    I did not realise then just how hard it would effect me a few years later,  when my body was going into changes  part of my hormone change in prep  for how my body was going to be  and remember no out side meds drugs or additive,s  this is what can happen to a few of us , i was not surprised as i knew it would happen  how or when no clue, …Ya… and our lose  of 4 th buby really hit home ,


    Your a female and cant have your child , nothing i know of can compare to this,  just nothing…Oh dear taking a long while to write all this,when your in no mans land is so hard,


    ……………….I,m done for Now……………………i,ll come back another time . sorry.



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    You are very brave to share with us.  Thank you so much for telling your story it gives an insight that few if any of us have and hoepfully it will give understanding so that if any of us should meet someone who is intersexed we will be more compassionate and understanding of that persons needs and heartaches.


    Im  glad you were able to find happiness and love with Jos and so so sorry for your loss…  Your loss is a  pain that many women will understand, that longing, that joy, and then the absolute horror and devestation of loosing a baby.

    I know writing this cant have been easy so again… Thank you… Love Cass

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    Thank you for sharing. I look about and see people who lose children for one reason or another. It must be hard and I would not wish it upon anyone. To any woman who has similar problems, I feel it’s just horrible if they are of maternal instinct. I find it difficult to think and write about so cannot imagine how deeply you feel.


    I echo what others have said, noeleena. You’ve gone through so much. To copy SpinningJen: thank you for sharing your story.

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