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    Надежда is correct. My name is usually seen in the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, and other Slavic countries as the way I spell it or Nadezda. Everyone I know with that name goes by either Nadya or Nadia.

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    Jen, I’m really impressed. Go girl!


    Thank you Nadya. I seldom meet people who speak your language so I like to use little opportunities to learn .



    Not to often do you find people who would speak the language unless you are around my circle of people. I am glad you are interested in different languages though. My Fiance is an Interpreter in Washington D.C. and knows several languages as well as is fluent in Sign Language.

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    I went deaf as a child [glue ear]. I can hear fine now, but when I went deaf I wanted to learn sign language. I was told it wasn’t necessary, so didn’t learn. But it is a wonderful language to be fluent in.

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    I did go on a deaf awareness course at work, where we were told sign language was not straightforward as there was more than one form. In practice I have found I have seldom being in a position to need it, even though working with quite a number of disabled children.  It was usually the case that they had someone with them that knew them well though, even if they could not sign.


    went for for vacation in Oman and they gave me the name chuki

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    My name is Mary, and my young nieces affectionately call me Auntie Mamie, so my nickname sort of.

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