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When do you start buying for christmas?

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    Sorry to fetch the C Word up lol but in the credit climate were in at the moment have you already started buying or do you leave it until the last week? Are you spending less this year?

    Ive started buying bits since september. Im always on the lookout for bargains on the internet and can definitely not afford to spend as much this year. Sorry kids!!


    Usually around this time I start saving and thinking about what to get everyone but won’t actually make a purchase till December. But this year I think I might take some advise from you and start looking for bargains because I definitely can not afford ro spend as much this year!!!!


    I bought my mum’s christmas present in January lol – but had a big gap after that. Didn’t start buying kids christmas stuff until the two little ones’ birthdays had passed (June + July)

    After that I started looking out for stuff. The handy thing about buying early is you can look out for offers.

    Examples: Toys are Us are doing £10 gift voucher when you spend £75. Argos does £5/£10 vouchers on £50/£100 spend at various times. Also atm Argos are doing 25% off Disney Cars toys, which my youngest son loves.

    So in the end, shopping early can save money in the long run as you have more time to shop around and wait for offers to come up 🙂

    Nearly finished buying for the kids now – got a couple of things each still to get and a few family members things. I’m really looking forward to christmas this year.


    Great post fizzy! It isnt long to go now until the big day! I wish I was like you squeezy and got all the present in january during the sales but I find the last thing I want to think of come january is Christmas! Right now we reign in the household spending to make sure we have the extra money for presents but it still all adds up!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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