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    I used to start my shopping a few months before, but as I’ve gained a reliable income and have also gained more family members, I’ve started my shopping earlier and earlier each year. This year I actually started in January by hitting many of the after Christmas sales (my youngest sibling will soon be 4 and so toys are an easy buy.)¬† I’ve now completed the shopping for most people. There are two I know what I need to get and just haven’t. Lastly, I have the gifts for my parents, which are a little more extensive than what I give to others, and are little more difficult to decide on.

    So my question to you is, when do you start your holiday shopping? Is there such a thing as starting too early? Are you a last minute shopper? Just my thoughts for the day and thought it would make a fun little topic. I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to it. ūüôā


    I’ve given up shopping for the perfect gifts.¬† I hate the crowds.¬† (I don’t like shopping in general.)¬† My parents have everything, and so do I.¬† My family has always bought whatever we’ve needed throughout the year and never went overboard at Christmas.

    Anymore, I spend just a few hundred dollars on couverture and baking ingredients.  I spend about a week sometime after Thanksgiving making around 800 chocolate truffles and baking various cookies and breads as gifts for coworkers, friends, relatives and neighbors.


    I love shopping, but don’t start too early as I have found I will buy things and then later see something much better for a present and regret buying the first. Last minute is not good either, especially nowadays when buying online as delivery times can be all over the place. Really it is not too late to be rushed and not too early either.

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    I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet: but I shall. I don’t like the big crowds at Christmas, so do tend to buy gifts earlier in the year. Plus, it means the payout is spread easily over the coming winter months. I do like shopping in general and will pick up items there and then. It makes sense. I do like well thoughtout gifts and if it’s done in a rush on Christmas Eve it isn’t as special. No: I am very organized.

    A great thread!


    I don’t do a lot of Christmas shopping, I usually just buy toys for my nieces, and I’ll do that in December because little children’s minds change so frequently, lol.¬† As an adult I feel like we can buy each other gifts any time, I’ve sort of lost that feeling that we have to exchange presents on holidays and birthdays, I prefer doing something special with people.¬† I enjoy baking and making treats, so I’ll share those with people special and close to me.¬† Just spending time together is often good enough for me, I don’t really need presents either.

    I have one little tradition I’ve been doing using my points from my credit card.¬† Well I use my card to pay everything and all my bills, and my points add up really quickly, so pretty much every 2 months I can get a $100 Amazon gift card.¬† I save these up all year, so by December I have about half a dozen, and I’ll find local single moms to give these to who need extra holiday help, and I find that enjoyable to do.

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    Last minute, without a doubt. I’m beyond terrible at planning and deciding gifts for people. I try to get them all online if I can because I hate crowds, especially the Christmas crowds. I worked retail once back in high school…never again!


    i am muslim and taiwan doesn’t celebrate Christmas


    Do they celebrate the New Year or Chinese New Year Bunny?



    Hi, I don’t tend to do a lot of Christmas shopping and usually wait for a list from my son and daughter-in-law for them and their children. Hubby is easy tools and a nice jumper suffice for him. He does get me nice things though usually what he thinks will make me look sexy ( life in the old dogs yet !

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    You are lucky to get a list Mikki. My family all have no idea, and I have to keep my ears open all year for helpful hints. With my son and daughter in law having their first baby (my first grandchild) this December things will likely get rather complicated with them living some distance away.


    No one gives me a list at Christmastime. I just have to assume what friends & family want. Still, they mostly like their presents.

    But it’s hard to believe that Christmas is only a few months away. Where does time go?


    I’m one of those awful organised people ..I put a little money away each week and plan ahead. My grandchildren live abroad so I have to wait before buying anything because they grow so quickly.

    I dont send toys their other grand parents send loads of toys I try to stick to clothes and books or sending tickets to a show or experience like one of those indoor adventure centers, the kids love it and their parents get a rest too!

    I send my mum a diabetic hamper with lots of yummy things she cant get or finds too expensive  and I ask my daughter what she needs, last year it was a dinner service the year before all new bedding.. She hates fripperies.

    OH is more difficult he has no attention span anymore  so we tend to buy something to treat ourselves.  Last year was a show The Blues Brothers (he loved it) this year Im getting a Tshirt with our dogs photo on it and a pair of bird spotting binoculars. He likes to spot the birds but he cant remember how to focus my camera on them and takes pictures of specks in the distance so I thought let him spot and me snap.. Keeps us both busy and happy!

    The last couple of years we have cut our card list too.. We send only 10 personal cards and for the rest theres a social media greeting or email greeting. The money we would have spent on cards and stamps gets doubled and given to our local food bank.


    Don’t mention cards, my mother would spend ages buying cards for everyone she knew and spent a fortune. We just hand deliver to a few friends and send some to our close relatives now.

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    I remember those times too. Dad used to put up strings across the wall for lines of cards as there was not enough room on the top of the sideboard etc for them. We did similar when the kids were young as they would exchange cards with their friends. I think it peaked when they were little as, when I was young, few children sent more than two or three cards, but when they were little it seemed like half the class or more.

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    I remember having cards strung onto the wall. It was a family tradition for many people. Christmas is such a nostalgic time of year: I always look forward to the celebrations and traditions to be had. And not just on Christmas day: because I have 3 meals out each year. One is with work and the other two with my social groups. Oh: I am helping with Christmas dinner this year. This is because my sister and I do a lot of cooking together. Yes, it’s hard work, but why not? It’s something to assist with and contribute to my family. Are any of you helping with Christmas dinner this year?

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