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    What do you do when you have a bad mood? Are you trying to raise a mood?



    Um, well if im in a mad mood, i’ll probably just wait until it passes to be honest, if your in a bad mood you usually like to wallow in it for a while before snapping out of it and getting on with life!


    Hi Sova nice to see you back 🙂

    I can take a long time for me to snap as I am quite tolerant – which dose more hare than good really but when I do snap I find it’s mostly because I have spent too much time in the company of others or on the phone too much so a little me time works wonders.

    When I am just feeling down or worried in general I write down my worries, do something to take my mind of them with a promise to go back and resolve each one step by step.

    Is something / someone bothering you?


    kezflake, glad to see you too )))
    I’m dieting at the moment, and I ceased to have any chocolate. But I’m the great sweet-tooth ))) And it’s sad without candy sometimes )))


    Hi Sova,

    Its nice to se eyou on the forums :).

    I’m the same as you Kezflake – I am very tolerant and don’t usually snap at all. But if I do have an off day I try to keep to myself to avoid being horrible to people – I have some me time. Watch some tv, have a think about things, and just relax in general. It usually passes after a few hours.

    Sova, have you maybe tried having healthier snacks instead of chocolate? I know watermelon is a nice replacement for me. 🙂


    There, there Sova….now tell me…don’t that just make you better already?? 😆 a surefire way of getting out of a bad mood…..take a cushion, picture the most hateful thing, person, item, anything you really really dislike…then thump the living daylights out of your cushion. reaction ?
    a) you get the exercise you need
    b) you burn some calories
    c) you have always wanted to thump the living daylights out of that person, thing, item anyway d) you exercise your lungs by breathing hard:lol:

    however, on a serious note (who wants to be serious you say) true, but having a bad mood is better than having the black dog being unleashed ..there is NO escape when HE is out!!!!
    Take care and cherish you and yours always. :coolsmile:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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