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    Sorry to see  you go. Enjoy whatever you decide to do.


    Respect to you Jessica.

    People normally just disappear but you had the nerve to tell us why…..

    Good for you.



    Hey I like superficial life gets too serious sometimes, a shoe thread  should get a lot of interest, I suggest the most inappropriate time you wore those sexy heels  and the consequences. (  I am amazed I got those long words right as it is late ).


    I think you’re right, mikki: a shoe thread will get a lot of traffic. Most women love their shoes AND shoe porn! Fashionable shoes are beautiful, of course, and should be celebrated!


    Hi Kitty, I like your heels they are sexy, when you said traffic is that foot traffic ? ( pun intended lol ). Yes heels should be celebrated  they make your legs look longer and sexy, at least the guys say so.


    Gosh I thought I started a shoe porn thread.nHere try this, one of my favorite pairs of heels, goes with almost any color except black and makes my legs look super long.- and me of course, supper tall.


    They are gorgeous, I have some the same colour but not a high as yours. I would probably fall over in those it must take a lot of practice to walk in them ( and aching arches ) though it would be worth it.


    I just read through this thread and what I didn’t fully understand is how the original poster spent several posts explaining what they wanted to see and in that process they could have started several substantial threads. Instead they decided to leave the forum. I don’t quite understand that logic.


    Nor do I, I guess we chatted about girly stuff too much and not enough about world politics and the economy lol


    I am always up for some good intellectual conversation especially when the topic revolves around health and the medical field in some way. As for leaving the forum over not having that sort of conversation I think that is quite extreme. I also think a good forum has a good mix of both intellectual conversation and fluff.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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