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    You can only choose one celebrity and they have to be currently in show business. Oh: it doesn’t matter whether they are male or female.

    I’d choose Bono. OK, so no surprise there! Still, he’d be my first choice.

    Over to you!


    Most of my fantasies were about real people.  I’ve never fantasized about celebrities.  But if I had to choose, I guess I would go with Sam Elliott.  Yes, he’s over 20 years older than I am…but that voice


    Spend a day with, talk with, have dinner with,  there are a few people Id love to meet..

    Sex? Nah clothes off everyone is much the same unless they have something with bells and whistles that sings Dixie…


    Personally I would hate to be dissapointed. Yes sometimes I do look at these calendars and things but I do think that the reality would be far less than the dream.



    This is going to sound all defeatest here.

    But have you ever heard the saying “Never meet your idols They are always never as you imagine them”

    I don’t go much for celebrities. The real celebs are the ones that do work to help others every day. Not the ones you see on television or in films. Who may make a token gesture once in a while. The people out in the community who are helping others. Those are the ones who deserve knighthoods and such like.

    My hero and celeb is my partner. I was saved from the lowest part of my life and helped get back on my feet when all seemed hopeless. I get to sleep with mine every night.


    If I had to choose one I would go with what Cassandra said. I would love to meet a few people who are in the limelight but as for sleeping with them. Not interested whatsoever It would more than likely be such a letdown and nothing like how I expected.


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    As regular people, we can still be celebrities ourselves: as corny as that sounds. Because we do have local heroes. I know so many people who contribute: to people like ourselves and also the disabled. For watching that film is great, but when it’s over, we return to real life.

    It is pure fantasy to dream about a celebrity. BUT it is fun to imagine things about them. I will never be a celebrity myself, but I do feel meeting Bono would be wonderful.

    A girl can dream! LOL.


    One man I would love to have met was a favourite writer of mine Dick Francis, but hes dead now. I would have liked to ask if the reason why he never allowed any of his fictional charecters to win the grand national was because he himself never won. He was the man whos horse Devon loch fell just before the finish line..

    Id love to chat to Patrick Stewart aka Jean Luc Picard of startrek and Xmen fame,  that man can man describing paint dry sound sexy. He has strong views on domestic violence  and womens rights. I would love to chat to him.

    A lady who always has me in fits of laughter is Miriam Margolyes of harry potter films and the real Marigold hotel. She is so funny but she is a very quick witted and smart lady but she admits herself she is a smelly farty old lady (she eats raw onion for breakfast!)  so maybe just for afternoon tea of something.

    Maybe a dinner party with these people would be a nice evening out.

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    This has been an issue for myself plus being around men  and of cause my background  compounded this.  i dont count myself sexual enough  to be that good sexually with a guy  more the point is men would be very bored with me i quess what im saying is i,m not good enough sexually with men so to go out with  some one i dont know it would scare me greatly ,now i dont panic i,m very level headed under stress  just  this subject is not easy for me, so i,ll say no could not do it, even while writing this i feel my body going into a shut down,  to me is like a fight or get the hell out of here   ,i struggle any way with men sexually .

    I have tryed and i have some lovely guys in the States and the UK i talk with and have concerning this and had good advice  yet  is a huge struggle,one female friend and she knows how i feel  said just go out and do it,,,,,,,,,,not so easy  in some way,s i,m glad about this , men have no interest in me  unless  and so few, so i say …no…  they wont a 5 min  no strings attached once only type detail ,and i dont even get aroused  with a guy next to me,  any way….maybe one day   .

    Oh… this will make you wonder about me  i have never been asked out never been on a date with a guy, and i was scared as had i been  and then what would be expected of myself after, could not handle that.


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    Maybe it isn’t you that is the problem, noeleena: perhaps you’re not sexually attracted to the men you’ve met so far.  I don’t mean to pry – but your sexuality is your own business. If you’ve never had a man knock your socks off, that is not your fault. You can still find men sexy. Even if I weren’t turned on by one man, though, I wouldn’t apologise.

    I realize this post sounds very weird. But if you’re attracted to someone, your brain will let you know. Feeling awkward and uncomfortable around men could be reduced. Just be honest with yourself when you’re attracted to someone. Feel the love, as they say! Don’t force feelings you don’t have. And remember: you can’t make yourself love someone and vice-versa. Love is chemistry and that can’t be faked. If you don’t find someone attractive, don’t try to force yourself to have feelings you don’t  have. Forget what your friends and family think about men they could set you up with. It is OK to not fancy someone. And it doesn’t make you frigid.


    HI .

    I have nothing to hide and when talking to guy,s on and now very  few forums i,m up front honest and to the point and my friends know this  plus i,m not prepared to be what i,m not.

    Chemistry ,   interesting word,  sexy, turned on . . what am i looking for in a guy, some one to be with have on my team working for me  , my crew of 5 of us work closely together in ether contract or free working in kitchen,s  would he,  being on stage playing with our Orchestra  doing setup,s and pack down after, maybe even play with us ,work with me in the work shop making things timber or metal work,  on work sites,

    |Some times what i see is men wont a woman to be feminine not a manual worker,   to be sexy and be able to turn it on  sex,,,,, not a woman who knows too much and talks about the work shop detail , misconceptions ,

    My friend in the UK we talk about machinery Metal Lathe,s and so on most men dont as i have found out .

    Dancing yes i dance with men and women  and theres nothing sexual at all, i see nothing quess i have to use the word sexy i just dont see men with sexual eyes  ,i have worked for men and have men work for me a few with me. i,m not attracted to them .

    I sat next to a guy and two others in front at a dinner do so 15 of us i had a good talk with them so i interacted with them so that was quite neat, and would not have mattered the subject as i am well schooled up not the brainy type just experanced, yet nothing i saw was sexual .

    i,m heading into what makes me tick my buttons are well hidden and a guy would have to work so very hard to find where they are,let alone make them work.

    Mind. oh dear….i dont rely on my mind  in any thing sexual as i have learnt my body will let me know , close my eye,s or have a cover over so i dont see with out any touching i will feel with in my body whats going on i,m am that sensitive  a guy could be in front of me and i would feel with my whole body if something could work sexually  means i,m intune , next  part , to touching i see with my hands touching some one is different for me i can touch a guy all over i will feel him or her matter,s not  when there is a charge  negative or positive,  i need to see inside the person and there will be details i will sense in them yes i know i,m different in a few aspects,

    Oh and this i,m with a swimming group and yes a nudy one …at that…we go to a pool about 30 or so men and women i never look at the guys and little interest in the women ether, i look at their personality, and who they are, i dont see any thing sexual even my dance partner i have given him massage,s full body all over, same again nothing sexual, and i have heard from other,s oh yes very different  theirs a sexual thing  going on and yes they take it further, even when asked to i dont ,

    So when i read or hear from other,s and friends they have a sexual life, and i think…Hmmm oh  , okaaaaay,,i just say oh sounds great and i,m quite happy they have , just seems so way over my head,

    I have …well… tried to be sexy i just miss the concept.i know couple of nut,s and bolts missing or just for fun a screw missing , lol,s

    Thank you for your advise


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    You seem secure within yourself. I don’t know a lot about you, but your relationships must go well.

    I don’t have a boyfriend as such, but there is someone close to me in my life. His name is Nick and he is a great guy. A decent guy. We shall see. I can’t visit him due to lockdown. But I shall see him when I can. Again, not until lockdown is over.

    You’re welcome: I am happy to offer you advice, if you should ask for it, noeleena.

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