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    Ok come on, own up. Which one of you lot has feefed my reply button then?? Where is it and what have you done with it? I,ve spent hours looking for it and I can,t find it. There,s been no ransom note, no silent telephone calls, nuthin.

    Squeezy was it you? Did you feef my reply button? eh? eh? Or maybe it was Sally. You should always be suspcious of the quiet ones. 😉
    Or maybe bab has got it and is holding it to ransom!!
    Or could it be that CC has it and has taken it all the way back to Australia!! OMG. I,ll never see it again!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Of course it could just be that meany Martin decided not to give me a reply button in the first place. >:(
    When I get back in the morning, I expect to find my reply button back where it should be or…….errrrrrm………well I,ll think of somthin. 😉 😆
    I think I,ll go and have a bath now, I,m getting hysterical. 😆


    Does anyone know what she is talking about?!? This is what happens when you read the Daily Mail…


    Not guilty – I have feefed nuffin 😆

    As you can see I have managed to repy, but I swear that button was there before I got here :Lol: 😆


    Hmmmm, so Squeezy says she didn,t feef it and Martin claims he doesn,t know what I,m talking about eh?

    Well thats it then, this is war. If my reply button doesn,t appear in my inbox soon, I,m gonna start up a campaign in the Daily Mail to free my reply button and return it to it,s rightfull owner…….me. 😆


    Yayyyyyyyyyyyy, guess what?? I just checked my pm box and I,ve got my reply button!! See? My nagging does pay off in the end lol. 😆

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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